Problem with “Balor Club”

Am I the only person who can not stand the name of this group. I’m fine with just “The Club” but “Balor Club” makes it sounds like only one of them is important. I understand Finn is the singles start but these guys are supposed to be bestfriends right the name makes it sound like Gallows and Anderson are lackeys not Bestfriends. Just my thought l.

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It just feels … wrong. The Bullet club means something and this just seems like a half hearted attempt by WWE to capitalize. No build, no real story… just “here you go”

I agree on the name as well.

The build was lack luster for sure. But I’m fine with it because they were wasting great talent this at least breaths new life in the good brothers. Oh can tell they are happy as hell too. But I do wish there would have been more as well. Just the name ugh I don’t know why it bothers me so much.

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I’m just happy to see that Finn Balor and The Good Brothers are finally getting TV time on RAW with something meaningful and together.

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I agree for sure I’m super happy about that. You can’t ell they are too they look like they are having fun. It’s just the name that really bugs me. I could be the only one but it is what it is.

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I’m so happy because Finn is so happy! Those pearly whites have never looked so good! He’s like a giddy child! Too sweet!

No problem with the name because I think it lends room for a future angle and split over who’s Club it is with new members if you want. Especially AJ if they bring him to Raw.

Also, is Fale coming to WWE?

True I guess. I said that I’m glad they are all happy really am. I dunno when I think bullet club I don’t think anyone is more important than anyone else that’s just how the name makes me feel. As to Fale I don’t think so they mention Tama Tonga as well I think it was just for fun. Like when Punk mentioned Cabana.

Yeah I’m pretty off on Fale because didn’t he just win the 6 man Never titles.

I think it’s silly how Finn went from calling a city Balor Club to now referring to his friends as such.

I venture to guess Anderson keeps finding ways to say things about having a hot Asian wife. Seems like something Vince would insist on after he learned it himself.

It’s Balors established brand since he was NXT Champion.

Seems like overthinking tbh…sell shirts, collect royalties and low key have a higher winning percentage than all top guys.

John Pollock laughs at this.

I’m sure Tama and Fale are dropping the NEVER belts before they come. Corey put emphasis on who was an “original” club member. Balor Club are coming from Japan where they’ve won IWGP titles to the WWE universe to compete in sports entertainment. Look out Shield they want that championship opportunity

I have no problem with it. Finn has been using it as his brand pretty much since he started in WWE. In fact, I think he started using it in NXT…so yes I dig it. There sure are plenty of “clubs” now, lol. Balor Club, Bullet Club, Alpha Club…what am I forgetting :thinking:

No I mean that they booked him strong on New Year Dash and that’s usually the last night for those contracts to end.

Lads, I think we’re forgetting the most important club of all;

Kojima’s Bread Club.

Not the biggest fan of the name either, sounds weirdly egotistical for someone like Balor. That said, it’ll probably be more consistent with Balor’s shtick when they finally throw up their hands, admit they’ve bungled Balor and just run The Club as heels.

I don’t mind the name although it reminds me of TNA when they had the Christian Coalition and then the Angle Alliance groups.