PROGRESS Ch: 76 "Hello Wembley." is up.

I’m just getting around to watching it today.

Anyone have any thoughts on it?

I watched the free main event, incredible stuff! Although some striking similarities to Walter’s match with Devlin

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Watching it now. I must say, I like Jimmy Havoc more as a gimmick than as a death match wrestler. He’s cool as fuck but seeing people get fucked up with light tubes isn’t my thing. I’m in the middle of the Thunder Bastard tag match now. So far it’s been a good show.

A fantastic show and thought everything delivered. Women’s title match was probably the weakest on the show but still good. It was a long show but worth watching.

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I think I’m going to have to break it up for a couple of viewings.

Anyone know how close they were to a sellout? They kept everything pretty dark.

Man, they must have imported some Japanese tables for the TLC match.

Those tables sadly turned that match into a bit too much comedy. It was a great match as well, just let down by tables not breaking. The indies just can’t get tables right.

You probably got to this point of the show by now, but they announced the attendance at around 4700.

I watched all of this on Monday, and it was my favorite show of the big international wrestling weekend (this, ROH Death Before Dishonor, and NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed). To me it really felt like the big show they built it up to be and what the other two attempted to be. I really enjoyed the main event.

The commentary team did their best to sell how the tables not breaking in the TLC Match were hurting the wrestlers more than if they gave. Speaking of commentary, I’m glad Dahlia Black was only on for two matches, as I don’t think she’s there yet.

As convoluted as the Tag Team Thunder Bastard Series was, it didn’t really matter in the end, and I thought the Thunder Bastard itself was a lot of fun with lots of good action. Off to an auspicious start seeing Jack Sexsmith and Flamita wrestle each other in molasses at the start of it, but the whole came together really well.

There was also a battle royal before the show that’s available to watch on their Facebook page.

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I miss Dahlia in the ring and I don’t think she’s anything special on commentary, especially when you consider the other commentators they have. I think she was good to have for the women’s title match but I am glad they mixed the team up as the night went on.