PROGRESS Wrestling "Unboxing 2" Results

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Submitted by: Matthew Smith

Show: PROGRESS Unboxing 2

Date: Saturday 30th December

Venue: Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, UK

Attendance: approx 400 (That’s what the Ballroom is supposed to hold)

Four on four elimination match (ala Survivor Series): Trent Seven, Zack Gibson, Kyle Fletcher & an inflatable Kid Lykos (the real Lykos is hurt) vs. Tyler Bate, Chris Brookes, Mark Davis & James Drake (this saw the four tag teams of Moustache Mountain, Aussie Open, CCK and Grizzled Young Vets split up to take on each other). Order of eliminations: Zack Gibson and James Drake eliminated each other after both teams turned on them and made them pin each other. Kyle Fletcher eliminated Tyler Bate. Chris Brookes eliminated Kyle Fletcher. Mark Davis eliminated the inflatable Kid Lykos. Trent Seven eliminated Mark Davis. And finally, Chris Brookes eliminated Trent Seven to win for his team.

Jack Sexsmith vs Joe Coffey - Sexsmith wins via submission

Women’s six-way: Chakara vs Candyfloss vs Charlie Morgan vs Sierra Loxton vs Charlie Evans vs Millie McKenzie - Millie McKenzie wins via pinfall

12 Days of Christmas Hardcore match: (Each team was given 12 presents) Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins vs Clint Margera & Drew Parker - Havoc & Haskins win via pinfall

Flash Morgan Webster vs Rampage Brown - Rampage Brown wins via pinfall

PROGRESS World Championship: Travis Banks vs Will Ospreay - Travis Banks wins via submission

WWE U.K. Championship: Pete Dunne vs Jack Gallagher - Pete Dunne wins via pinfall

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Sounds like an interesting card. I’ve only seen a few Progress shows, but I’ve really enjoyed all of them - going to make a point to watch more in 2018.

I’m looking forward to seeing that hardcore match. Been wanting to watch Clint Margera and have only heard good things about Drew Parker. Those final 2 matches were likely fantastic and it’s always nice to see Rampage in Progress as that guy is forever over in that company.

It’s 700 people.

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Travis Banks vs Will Ospreay…oh my word that was good.

Being in that crowd is such a damn privilege.

It’s up on demand and I’ve just started it!

Enjoy man! You may see me at certain points in the front!

It was a great show and some real emotional moments.

Where does one watch a progress show? Now that I subscribe to wwe network and njpw world I don’t know if I can afford another subscription lol

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I am on the progress website now. I am considering adding another subscription to my life. My question is how quickly do they get shows up. I see the unboxing event part one up from December. But I do not see the unboxing event part 2 that everyone is talking about up.

Hi - this unboxing is the one from last weekend that went up on demand yesterday. It’s an annual event so unboxing 1 is December 2016

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Lol. Didn’t realize I was looking at a 7 day old post lol. So unboxing 2 is from last week. Got it. Thought it was a 2 day event. Thanks

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For whatever reason, ever since I started following PROGRESS and subscribing to their streaming service (which actually has a ton of other non-PROGRESS shows as well, including a lot of Smash Wrestling), I’ve kept myself from learning results of shows before I can watch them. Especially helpful for this show, which had a lot of good surprises. In addition to Ospreay returning and Gallagher coming in (making up for the WWE UK Title Match with Dunne not happening at their New York event, which I attended), TK Cooper popped up again, claiming he’ll be good to go next year and requesting a title shot at his buddy Banks.

Another really fun card, and Banks vs. Ospreay I thought was incredible.

That Dunne/Gallagher match had such a big fight feel to it as well. PROGRESS are really good at making matches feel important. It helped that Gallagher looked so serious from the second he came out.

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I’ve had the service since August and they do what they can to have the events up within a week of the event. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way for whatever reason. Jon does all the editing on his own so if the show is in another country or is over multiple days it can take longer to go up. The Cologne show took a couple of months, New York and Boston took a few weeks, Unboxing 2 went up seven days after the show itself… but I’ve seen shows go up quicker. It just depends on when Jon can get to it really. Overall though, it’s a great service and it’s relatively easy to stay spoiler free.

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