Punk/Kingston feud is what we needed in 2021

The back and forth promos has the potential to be really good. Ever since CM Punk returned to professional wrestling, he has been this happy-go-lucky/company man. Hopefully, this is the feud we needed for Punk to start going again.

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Would be cool expect we know Eddie is doing the job. It’s a good stepping stone to something like
Malachi Black which I really want to see

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Oh Alex you’re back?!
You can run, but I will find you :hugs:


I want to see Punk & Danielson vs Mox & Kingston going into Full Gear.

I think we see it coming out of Full Gear vs. the the lead up. It’s a huge match, that could headline a December Dynamite. Especially if both Mox and Kingston win at Full Gear

I’ll definitely be back for Punk Va Black if only to hopefully see Punk lose. AEW has so much potential for dream matches and if they keep using NJPW it will just explode even more

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