punk on fs1

just watched WWE backstage, I think Punk did a fine job in his interview, surprised they let him say whatever he wanted, and didn’t give him a script with points to avoid, his point on the women’s division was perfect, let them show what they can do

He was pretty open with criticism of Seth…but…it’s wrestling and it even prompted Booker to immediately say something about him wanting the match.

The entire thing feels like a tease to fans til he eventually comes back to a ring.

Also the show largely is boring. I don’t need David Arquette doing anything when they have CM Punk with a microphone on a wrestling show on TV for the first time in years.

I will enjoy hearing what he says via clips and news recaps but tuning in last night was a first and last for me. Good on Fox for getting him but create a better format.

Also only a matter of time before something obvious happens and he doesn’t comment on it and we can’t ignore that he is being filtered. Like even last night, they talk about the Shield guys since Punk left, and we get something on Roman and Seth and while they allude to Renee’s “favorite” they can’t even say his name when he embodies the point Punk tried to make about staying fresh and reinventing.

I want a show where Punk isn’t handcuffed and can say, I like what Moxley did with leaving and doing something different because when he eventually comes back he’ll be fresh and the fans will react more than ever for him. Instead it was some unspoken awkwardness.

6/10 for first advertised appearance

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It was good to see CM Punk again and glad that we have him back into the fold in some capacity. I’ll be excited for a return if it does come down the line but have learned to temper my expectations when it comes to this company.

That being said, I won’t be watching this show again. It’s not that it was outwardly bad or even bad at all. There was actually some good parts - It was really great seeing CM Punk again, I enjoyed his chemistry with Renee (who also belongs on these types of shows) and feel he can be good in this spot. That being said, this type of show format has never been much of interest to me - especially for something like WWE.

This would almost be a better spot to utilize content like Chronicle, 24, etc. rather than being some half-baked SportsCenter/Good Morning WWE hybrid.

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180K seems fine… I think?