PWTorch - Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE in April

“Sources tell PWTorch that Ambrose has been long frustrated with the creative direction of his character and reached a breaking point recently. He’s indicated to WWE management this weekend he’s not interested in negotiating further and made it clear this isn’t about trying to get more money. One of his colleagues on the roster, when asked tonight about Dean’s demeanor lately and if there were any signs of discontent, said “he’s pretty much impossible to read.” He added, though, that Dean “hates hokey sh–” and, since so much of his character has been portrayed as hokey in the last few years, he’s not surprised that would have built up frustration leading to a breaking point.”

More at the link above. I fully believe that competition and the prospect of opportunities elsewhere is the best thing that can happen to this industry.

AEW just found their top heel

Assuming this is true…
I BLAME ROMAN REIGNS! When the purpose of Dean’s character is to serve Reigns this is what happens. I’ll start thinking of him as Jon Moxley ahead of time, and get myself used to it.

Should blame the awkward Steve Austin interview where he couldn’t form a good answer and came off doofy and aloof.

Stock fell off a cliff afterwards.

And I’m sure Reigns was the one writing all the stories for him. :joy:

I think you’re a tad bit obsessed.

Who hurt you my dude

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So pointing out the painfully.obvious is now an obsession?

Who didn’t teach you reading comprehension?

It’s all on him for the way he was book. He’s was high enough on the card that he could have done like so many others on the card did and go to Vince and pitch him a better way to get his character over and if you listen to some of his friends, he didn’t do that, instead he just coasted and accepted everything they gave him.

You don’t know he didn’t do that. I’m sure wrestlers pitch things all of the time that don’t end up happening. You have no idea of he just accepted whatever was given to him, or if he tried to shake things up for his character unsuccessfully.

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From what I can tell, anyone would be frustrated when you’re main focus of being a heel is referencing your good friends cancer. Especially after being a goofy Babyface for so long and you finally get put into a spot where it appears you can showcase your potential and I stead you just think each city you travel to stinks. It’s low hanging fruit and I’m 100% confident it’s the direction he was given rather than his own creative input.

It’s not much different to what Cody had with Stardust. Eventually a guy gets burned out.

I will not miss Dean Ambrose and his wackyline. Look forward to seeing Jon Moxley

Totally understandable. He’s been booked into obscurity and this recent heel run has been terrible. He’ll do much better outside WWE.

Got a better version of Dean Ambrose all ready to take his spot…his name is Ciampa.

And he “hates hokey shit”? Oh you gonna love the indies pal.

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Other than AEW (we have no clue if this is still anything serious) where will he do better? Dude was about to sign a 5 year deal worth possibly in the 8 figures. Where else is he going to get 8 figures over the next five years? Impact, ROH, Lucha Underground or maybe he can go back to CZW where he can be Jon Moxley again. That will help maintain keeping his giant house in Vegas. Don’t say New Japan either because he is a crappy wrestler and his great promos won’t matter over there.

Dude must be banking on this AEW thing to really be something. I bet he has had talks with them.


Ambrose was the last WWE Worlds Heavyweight Champion (Before the brand split V.2.0), he basically beat the other SHIELD members in two straight P.P.V’s and was positioned as the top guy on SmackDown. He had the power to make changes to his character, to improvise his promo and to be the character he wanted to be, but just “towed the line” like other performers in a similar situation.

He returned and could’ve had that chance again, but again never showed any evolution of his character. The guy had chances, but never seemed to come out of his shell.


The only time I enjoyed Dean was his feud with AJ and Ellsworth. His matches were better because he was working with AJ and his skits with Ellsworth were quite fun.

I just don’t understand the problem with leaving just to freshen things up. He could always come back later if he wants to.

Why get stuck in mid-card hell like Ziggler, Cesaro, Sheamus, etc? AEW is there and is apparently spending money so why not?

WWE would take him back in a heartbeat for more money anyways.


Happy for Dean! Hope more WWE wrestlers follow in his footsteps soon.

Take Renee with you.


The funny thing is, ever since this report came out, most fans think that he’s leaving to go work elsewhere.

The thing is, he really doesn’T need the money because he saved most of what he earn in WWE and really doesn’T spend that much and maybe he’s just burn out and want to see if he can do something else for a while. It’S not like he needs wrestling or from what i’ve seen of him outside the ring as a real passion for wrestling anyway. I think taking a break from the business will do him some good.

The guy had become very complacent ever since the first shield break up. He toe the line and just did the bare minimum while both Reigns and Rollins took the ball and ran with it. HE could have been somebody if he didn’t just cost through most of his single run.

The thing is, Vince will push guys that shows they have passion and are willing to adapt to any situation. According to guys like Rollins & Styles, Vince loves it when you go up to him and discuss idea’s you have about you’re characters. Sometimes he will go with it and sometimes he won’t but he will always respect and notice you more if you got the balls to go and talk to him because it shows that you want to make it. Ambrose really didn’T seem like the type of guy that would go and talk to the boss if he wasn’t happy with the direction of his character.

Anyway, i say if he’s not happy, leave and go do something else like others have done before him. But at the same time, April is still far away and i could see Renee trying to change is mind about quitting but that’s pure speculation on my part, kinda like the report is at the moment.