Q&A for patrons

Hey guys, so pleased to see how well your first month has gone. I vaguely remember you mentioning a regular Q&A podcast for patrons at launch. Do you know when the first of these is likely to happen? Cheers, Matt

The end of each month.


I don’t know how transparent you guys are allowed / want to be, but I would be super interested in learning more about the business side of the project.

Stuff like… the split of different types of patron, what your projections are for the months ahead, merchandise and other revenue generating opportunities… etc. I’ve really loved watching Gimlet, the podcast production company, grow and a big part of that has been learning about the business growth / changes as well as the actual content itself.

Just a thought, but totally appreciate there’s stuff you’ll need / want to keep private.

Loved the last few weeks of shows - great stuff!

Hey Matt,

We cover many of these topics in our POST Production video updates for Double Double and up patrons.

For 1M1S patrons (the vast majority of you), we’ve discussed the idea of writing monthly text-based updates on the Patreon page itself, so expect that soon.