QBWF (Quarantine Boredom Wrestling Federation)

Boredom has set in during quarantine and I’m having trouble trying to fight it. I have been trying to keep up with the wrestling, but I find myself going back to the old matches in the Attitude Era. I started remembering how good some of the Attitude Era mid-card matches were, and I wondered what I would do with booking these great wrestlers. So, I started to, and decided to start my own small pro wrestling company, QBWF, built entirely of WWE mid-carders. The roster is…
Rikishi, Team X-Treme (Jeff, Matt and Lita), Al Snow, X-Pac, the Dudley Boyz, Crash Holly, Eddie Guerrero, Edge & Christian, Hardcore Holly, Right to Censor (Val Venis, Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, Ivory), D’Lo Brown, Test, Tori, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly and Chyna .
Any suggestions or questions can be asked in the comments below. First show of the season will be posted soon. Also, regards go out to the wrestlers and their families for this. I am in no way using this for money, I’m just a fan.

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I’m so confused


My suggestion is to delete this post (just kidding… sort of)


1/1/00: QBWF Weekly Show

It’s the first show of the year and the company. Right after the intro, our authority figure, who I’ll call “The Boss” (Yeah, I’m setting myself up for Sasha Banks jokes, I know) walks into the ring. He congratulates the fans for showing up, and says he’s excited for the year. He also has some presents for the fans, which are revealed to be the title belts for the company. They are the QBWF Championship, the QBWF Tag Team Championship, the QBWF Women’s Championship and the QBWF American Championship. The Tag Team and Women’s title belts will be fought for in a tournament, the American title will be fought for in a Fatal Four-Way match, but the QBWF title has a special match: An 8-man Countdown Elimination Match at the Countdown PPV in 4 weeks. The other titles will found their inaugural champion at the PPV, as well. He starts to talk about the Pay-Per-View, only for Right to Censor to interrupt. Val Venis explains that he doesn’t care for waiting, he wants to have a match now for the championship. The Boss says that there are qualifying matches for a spot in the Countdown match, and he just volunteered himself for a match tonight against Rikishi. Venis gets angry, yells a bunch, and leaves. The Boss proceeds to begin the show.

Lita, Tori & Molly Holly vs. Ivory, Trish Stratus and Chyna
With no Women’s Championship tournament match this week, it’s Faces vs Heels to start off the year. Tori and Stratus start in the ring, with Tori quickly gaining the upper hand. Stratus eventually gets to the corner to tag in Chyna, who starts running through Tori. Chyna sets up a Powerbomb, but Tori breaks free to tag in Lita. Lita and Molly do some quick tags to isolate Chyna, only for her to catch Molly in the middle of a Molly-Go-Round and hit a Powerbomb for a two count. Chyna tags in Ivory, who gets Molly on the defensive before tagging in Chyna for the kill. Chyna throws Molly onto the outside, only to be thrown out by Tori from behind. Tori goes for a dive, but Chyna catches her and slams her hard onto the apron. Chyna rolls Molly back in to set up for a Powerbomb, but Trish blind tags herself in. Chyna and Trish argue, leading to Trish backhanding Chyna. Chyna powerbombs her and leaves, attacking Tori on the way out. Trish tags in Ivory, who runs straight into a recovered Molly Holly, getting a knee to the face. One quick Molly-Go-Round allows Molly to tag in Lita for the Litasault and the pin. Afterwards, the faces celebrate while Trish goes after Chyna.

Backstage Promo: Al Snow and X-Pac are with our backstage announcer. The two of them are booked into a Tornado Tag Team match for a first-round bye in the tournament, and they are being asked why they are teaming up. They say they have one common goal, to win the titles and nothing more. They get asked if they can beat two well-known tag teams in the division. They say they can and they will.

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match for a first-round bye: The Hardy Boyz vs the Dudley Boyz vs X-Pac and Al Snow
One face team and one heel team will get a bye, so there will be two triple threat matches tonight. The match starts with an all-out brawl, until Jeff hits a Whisper in the Wind onto everybody. The Hardy Boyz begin to take control of the match, throwing X-Pac out of the ring and isolating Snow. They set up a Poetry in Motion, only for Matt to eat a Bubba Bomb. Jeff and D-Von fight in the middle of the ring, with D-Von hitting a piledriver to get the advantage. Jeff gets hit with the Wassup? and the table comes out. Matt takes out Bubba before he can bring the table into the ring, and X-Pac hits the X-Factor onto D-Von. X-Pac and Snow start double-teaming Matt and eventually hit the Snow Plow, but Bubba saves the match. Snow gets chucked onto the outside and X-Pac eats a Bubba Bomb for a two-and-a-half count. D-Von recovers to hit the 3-D on X-Pac, only for Matt to hit the Side Effect onto Bubba and throw D-Von out of the ring. Jeff and Matt hit Poetry in Motion on X-Pac, but Snow drags him out of the ring before any more harm can be done, Jeff hits the whisper in the Wind on both of them, and Matt drags Snow into the ring for a Twist of Fate and the pin to earn the Hardy Boyz a bye. Lita comes out and celebrates after the match.

Promo: Eddie Guerrero and D’Lo Brown talk about their new alliance and how they’re going to take over the tag team division.

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team match for a bye: Edge & Christian vs Right to Censor vs Guerrero and D’Lo
Edge and Christian take early advantage in the match with a Double Arm Drag on the Goodfather. Bull Buchanan jumps in to make the save, only for Eddie to take him out with a Lariat. D’Lo starts beating up on Edge and Christian, hitting the Sky High onto the latter and setting Eddie up for a Frog Splash onto the former. The Goodfather knocks Eddie off the top rope and hits a Death Valley Driver onto D’Lo, but Christian makes a last-second save. Buchanan enters the ring and hits Christian with a Scissors Kick, only to get a two-count. Bull argues with the referee, only for the Goodfather to get low blowed by Eddie when setting up for the No Train. Buchanan gets rolled up by Eddie, but Eddie uses the ropes and the ref sees it. Buchanan gets hit with a Spear from Edge as the ref berates Eddie, and Christian hits the Impaler on D’Lo. Eddie tries to save D’Lo from getting pinned, but Edge spears him as Christian gets the three-count.

Val Venis and Ivory are watching the match backstage and Venis is starting to believe they have bad luck, which is giving him anxiety before his match. Ivory reassures him that Right to Censor will be there to help when they can.

Countdown Qualification match: Val Venis vs Rikishi
Val tries to attack Rikishi before the bell but gets hit with a Savate Kick for his troubles. Rikishi starts tossing Venis around like a ragdoll, only for Venis to reverse another Savate Kick into a Discus Clothesline for one and a half. Val starts taking control, with a body guillotine and a big boot. Rikishi rolls to the outside, only for Venis to send him into the barricade. Venis tries to roll Rikishi back into the ring, but Rikishi gets a boot to the midsection and a front suplex onto the ropes. Venis gets out of the ring to recover, but Rikishi follows him. Val makes a break for the ramp, only to run into the ring when the Goodfather and Buchanan appear on the stage. As the Goodfather distracts the ref, Venis hits a low blow, an assisted Big Package with help from Buchanan and a Money Shot for the victory and a spot in the championship match.

After the match, Ivory comes out and the four members celebrate. Venis starts cutting a promo about his victory, only for the Hardy Boyz and Lita to rush the ring. They take out Ivory, Bull and the Goodfather and allow Venis to eat a Stinkface from Rikishi. The show closes with the faces in the ring, trying to provoke Right to Censor as they leave the arena.

I’m SO confused

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Really? Seems like the dude is writing some early 2000 mid card fan fic. It’s not like you’re talking to the Sphinx.




You should book Trish Stratus as a babyface to make fun of Molly Holly because she has a big butt.

That’s some good shit, pal.


1/8/00: LWF Weekly Show

The shows kicks off with the Right to Censor music playing and the entirety of the stable coming out. Val Venis gets on the mic and talks about his latest victory and how he’s going to win the Countdown match easily because he gets to pick his number first. His reasons for winning are (thankfully) cut short by The Boss, who says he saw the match and there seemed to be a very obvious disadvantage on the side of Rikishi. So tonight, he’s booked a match between Rikishi and the Goodfather for a spot in the match. Even better, the stipulation is that if Right to Censor interferes at all, the match will be a DQ win for Rikishi automatically, and Venis will lose his spot in the elimination match. He also says it’s happening right now, as Rikishi runs straight down the ramp into the ring, causing them to scatter.

Rikishi vs The Goodfather: Countdown qualification match
The Goodfather reluctantly gets in the ring, and gets met with a Superkick. Rikishi starts hammering away on the Goodfather with multiple camera cuts to the members of Right to Censor on the outside, their faces horrified. The Goodfather eventually gets out of the ring and starts getting a pep talk from the other members of his stable, only for Rikishi to hit an apron dive onto everybody. The Goodfather gets rolled into the ring and gets a Stinkface for good measure. Right to Censor start jumping up onto the apron for a distraction, but Team X-Treme runs in to take them out. The Goodfather’s No Train is blocked by Rikishi, and one Savate Kick gets Rikishi a spot in the match.
Afterwards, Rikishi chases RTC backstage.

Backstage, Trish Stratus is getting prepared for her match tonight when Molly and Crash Holly show up. Molly says she is cheering for Trish since she believes she deserves it and she wants Chyna out of the way. Trish thanks her, but says that Molly is next if she does win, because Trish wants the title. Trish starts making fun of Molly Holly when she leaves, which makes Test (Trish’s storyline bf) laugh.

Tag Team Tournament first round: Dudley Boyz vs Eddie Guerrero and D’Lo Brown
The first round of the tournament are between the “losers” of the bye match (they got pinned) against the team that wasn’t involved in the decision from the other bye match. Get it? Good. The Dudleys start fast, putting D’Lo in the corner. Eddie hits a diving crossbody on Bubba to save D’Lo, but it ends up distracting the referee, allowing D-Von to hit a Piledriver on D’Lo. D’Lo starts building momentum, which leads to a Sky High onto Bubba. He tags in Eddie, who hits the Three Amigos on a tagged-in D-Von. He sets D-Von up in the Lasso from El Paso, but D-Von makes it to the ropes. D’Lo distracts the ref as Eddie hits a low blow, but Bubba blind tags in and hits the Bubba Bomb on Eddie. D’Lo breaks up the pin, but D-Von is able to recover. Eddie crawls to the corner to tag himself out, but D’Lo eats a 3-D almost instantaneously for the pin as the Dudley Boyz move on.

Backstage, Right to Censor is talking about the tag team match that’s happening next. Goodfather says he can’t wrestle that match because if he does, he’ll be dead weight. Val volunteers to take his spot, but their opponents Al Snow and X-Pac show up and say they can’t do that. The Boss says they can, and Right to Censor make smug faces and Snow and Pac as they walk off.

Tag Team Tournament First Round: Right to Censor (Buchanan and Venis) vs Al Snow and X-Pac
Ivory is not at ringside, with the broadcast team saying she’s preparing for her match tonight. Buchanan punches Snow to start the match, and starts dominating before a blind tag brings X-Pac in. A Spinning Heel Kick only gets a two-count, but he starts taking advantage with a Dragon Whip. X-Pac sets him up for the Bronco Buster, but Ivory distracts him before he hits it. Tori runs down the ramp and pulls Ivory off the apron, but Buchanan hits a knee followed by a Scissors Kick for a two count. Al Snow jumps off the apron to help Tori dispose of Ivory with a Tori-Plex onto the floor. The Goodfather then comes through the crowd to hit a Death Valley Driver onto Snow onto the table. Tori yells at the ref, which allows Buchanan to low-blow X-Pac, tag in Venis and hit a Diving Leg Drop and Money Shot for the pin.
After the match, The Boss reveals the semifinal matches for the tournament. It’s Right to Censor vs The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian. Right to Censor does not seem happy at all.

Women’s Championship Tournament Semifinals: Ivory vs Trish Stratus vs Chyna
The winner of this match goes straight to Countdown with a shot at the Women’s Championship. Ivory looks banged up from the match earlier. She immediately leaves the ring as soon as the bell rings, leaving Stratus to face Chyna by herself. A Chick Kick is blocked, followed by a legsweep from Chyna. Chyna starts destroying Stratus, throwing her around the ring. Stratus tries to leave the ring, but Ivory throws her right back in. Chyna sets up for a Powerbomb, but Ivory stops her with a dropkick. Ivory takes control with a Samaon Driver onto Chyna for a two count and a Poison Ivory onto Stratus, which almost gets a three-count if it wasn’t for Eddie Guerrero dragging the ref out of the ring. The ref argues with Eddie, which allows Chyna and Trish to recover. Eddie gets banned from ringside, and other refs drag him out of the arena. Ivory gets caught with a Chick Kick from Trish, who sets up the Stratusfaction, only for Chyna to catch her midair with a Powerbomb. Chyna throws Trish out, hits Ivory with a Powerbomb and pins her for a shot at the Women’s Championship.

The show closes with Eddie coming out to congratulate her, only for Val Venis and Test to start beating them up. They help their friends leave, and Eddie is getting booed out of the building as the show goes dark.