Question For Sports Fans

Has anyone here ever bought tickets for a playoff game for any sport, that may not happen? I’m talking a Game 5, 6,7 or whatever.

I’m hoping that if the Boston Bruins make the Stanley Cup finals, that I can get to either a game 5 or 7 if those were to take place, but I’m not sure how it works. I’ve gone online for the Eastern finals and see people already selling tickets to later games for this round, even though the series may not even get that far.(I’m guessing these are season ticket holders?)

Do you get the money back if the series doesnt go that far? Any kind of info would be appreciated.

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I believe you do. I am a Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder and the entire first round went on sale even though there was no game 7. You are then reimbursed the equivalent of game 7. Not sure if this is the same everywhere and I can’t say what happens if you buy the ticket through a third party.

I Know stubhub reimburses you if the event is cancelled or doesn’t take place.

I don’t know if that works like this anywhere else but i lived in montreal and the last time the habs made the playoff, they only made tickets for the first four games of the serie available and when they were sure that a game 5 or 6 was happening, they would release tickets for thoses games and you to really be quick to buy thoses tickets because they were selling fast

Yes I have seasons and buy many seats every year for teams everywhere. You get all monies back

I can’t speak for the North American market, but in Australia if you buy a 5-day test cricket pass and it only lasts 3 days, your refunded for days 4 & 5.

Of course that’s from an official seller and not a secondary seller.

I hope that helps a little.