Question for you media making savvy types:

First my op-ed piece:
I really appreciate the video packages that the wwe media team put together. The editing is usually fantastic and driven by some intense tune. So I am very surprised that the media team decided to use what John and Wai usually refer to as the “selfy” promos. Those ones are terrible! Then add the “creative text” art and what was terribly becomes laughably bad! I believe it is a doubly wasted effort because the lousy quality of the “selfy” promos makes them unusable for the usually incredible video packages.

My question is quite simple: Do any of you know what device they use to create those silly “selfy” promos?

I doubt that they use phones, likely some extension or remote hand held cam? But as I said, I don’t know and am rolling this question into the forum.

Looking to cut a selfie promo yourself for the POST Wrestling community?

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Most often it looks like plain old cellphone footage to me. I think they may receive some guidance on backgrounds and lighting.