Ok so, On Patreon I’ve registered my name and have recently posted a profile pic. However since I joined, my name does not appear when I post on the forum and the avatar appears as a W. Is there something I’m not doing right? Any help would be appreciated.


Your info from Patreon doesn’t cross over. You gotta go in and setup your profile here yourself. At least that’s what I did


Click your avatar in the top right and then the gear/settings icon to change your name/profile picture on the forum.


Thanks Wai for your help. I was able to change my avatar but it doesn’t allow to change username. Is there a way to change it?


I can change it for you. Do you want me to pick a name that suits you? What are the qualities that define you as a person?


I would prefer my username to be Cesar1276. Thanks again for your help, Wai!


Ah okay. No problem @Cesar1276.


Correction *1276 lol