R.I.P michel "justice" dubois

Not as much of a well known by wrestling fans as gene okerlund, he was a big name in the Quebec wrestling scene.

He was train by the legendary edouard carpentier, made is debut in 1969 playing the role of justice.

From 1970 to 1974, he wrestled legendary name like Johnny rougeau, Abdullah the butcher, mad dog vachon and even his trainer edouard carpentier

Then from 1974 to 77, he wrestled in the U.S. as Alexis Smirnoff. During that run, he beat pat Patterson for the u.s title in the San Francisco territory.

After that run he when on the WWF for a small run during the 80’s until he retired in 88.

He died at the age of 71 from liver failure in Atlanta.

He was a little bit before my time but my dad did talk to me about him. I got all my info from a article that was publish in the “journal de montreal” as I thought it was important to mention it on here as well. The guy was big a deal for us and my thought and pray goes to his family