RAD 10/23/19: Break Down the Doors of Jericho, Theme Song Contest

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/10/24/rad-10-23-19-break-down-the-doors-of-jericho-theme-song-contest/


John Pollock and Wai Ting review this week’s AEW Dynamite featuring Jon Moxley vs. PAC while television time remains.

Also on the show: The continuation of the AEW tag title tournament with Private Party vs. The Lucha Bros. and SCU vs. Dark Order in semi-final matches. Plus, a wild brawl involving The Inner Circle with Cody and his back up, Dr. Britt Baker competes in her hometown, and The Young Bucks take on The Best Friends.

Plus, it’s the REWIND-A-DYNAMITE THEME SONG CONTEST. Wai & John listen to all the submissions and choose a winner for the show’s new theme song.


  • Raw’s viewership from Monday against the NFL
  • Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport announced for WM weekend
  • Impact announces matches for AXS debut
  • EVIL injury update

Plus your feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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I can understand AEW showing Kenny Omega winning the Triple A title to build him up as this world renowned top wrestler, but Kenny not having the title with him. If he came out with the title people would question if this is a title match or wonder when he’s going to defend it in AEW, which I don’t think they should do.

Also I agree with John, Kenny’s new music is really good.

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Agreed, I think it also devalues the AEW title which they are still establishing importance. Good to announce it and recognize other promotions but that’s the furthest I would go unless they are actively defending it - which I also wouldn’t do.

For the Inner Circle vs Cody segment maybe the format sheet said ‘Page’ for the 4th guy to help Cody, and they didn’t know backstage ‘Is it Adam Page or Diamond Dallas Page? Oh just send out DDP.’.

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There were some sloppy moves, but the crowd was hot, some of the cutaways are still happening at the wrong time, the dentist thing is so weird, the Cody and Jericho promo set up was great. There’s some great stuff there and in like 6 months time I’m really interested in them ironing out these issues and what it will all look like.

The Super Smash Brothers becoming the Dark Order had nothing to do with Chikara. They were still Player Uno and Stupified/Player Dos when they left Chikara in 2010 (more than six years ago). They began working more places in the US in 2010, including EVOLVE, Dragon Gate USA, and PWG, so I took Excalibur’s line about their absense to allude to their Visa issues, which would have happened in 2013 (which was six years ago). At most, I remember Uno doing a backrake or something in a PWG match, and the crowd began chanting “Evil Uno” at him because he was a total babyface to them.

I took it as Excalibur/AEW creating their own narrative about how the Dark Order came to be via the 6-year absence.

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I think also bc no one here cares about a AAA title.