RAD 10/30/19: The Undertale of Kenny Omega

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review this week’s AEW Dynamite featuring a contract signing between Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes.

Also on this week’s show, the first AEW tag team champions were crowned as SCU met The Lucha Bros. in the final of the tournament, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks dress up for Halloween, The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express get jumped, and Jake Hager returns from his MMA fight with a new maneuver.


  • WWE adds women’s match between Natalya and Lacey Evans to Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia
  • Raw’s viewership from Monday sees the show’s third-lowest average of 2019
  • WWE promoting big guest for Backstage next Tuesday on FS1
  • Tuesday night’s highlights of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV and NWA Power

Plus, our weekly POST Wrestling Store t-shirt giveaway and your feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: AEW

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You guys asked about the outrage of the week. The problem is Cornette has this bitter loyal fan base that shits on everything new and tags him on Twitter. I like Rick and Morty, I liked that 6 man and love that they dove head first into 18-49.

Edit: The final match Excalibur did say they were gonna keep rolling

Did Undertale of Kenny Omega work? YES

I have “No Fucking Clue” what Undertale is either but I absolutely LOVE seeing Kenny express this side of him and introduce it to the world. I loved when it was done in New Japan, and I love it now. No idea what anything means or is based on, but if it expresses a character and his background in a unique way, then it works.

Whether the story in the video makes sense - who cares - it’s unique, and well produced.

PREDICTION: Kota Ibushi is winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on January 4th and as a surprise Kenny Omega comes out to celebrate with him. Kenny then challenges him for the next night in the Tokyo Dome (all this Double Champ stuff has been a red herring, and at the very least, can be played out later on).

  • The main event of Night 2 is already a bit of a surprise so this is no different in terms of promoting something to sell tickets, as the show is already being sold on a mystery main event.
  • If Kenny is doing anything with New Japan (let’s assume it can’t be in the US), the Dome is the place for it, and this match is the biggest and best use of Kenny w/out going back to Okada
  • Reasons Kenny gets a title match: never got a rematch from last year, Ibushi is inclined to say yes, even if he doesn’t deserve it + this is the match they’ve both always wanted
  • NJPW wants to gain more North American exposure, and Kenny w/ AEW now has that. Doing this match even on short notice when the audience you are trying to draw is on NJPWorld (since the live gate is already sold)
  • Screw Naito? YES - this enhances the Naito character and gives him even more reason to be pissed. Plus, Naito-Ibushi or Naito-Okada could be saved for Dominion or another big NJPW show that can’t utilize somebody like Omega
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This is a very interesting post MJ!

One thing I will say is that when Kenny Omega has a storyline, it pretty much always plays out in a very interesting and logical way, and I definitely do not think that the Undertale video was just to “get people talking” like John and Wai mentioned during the podcast.

When you watch Kenny Omega closely over time it’s very clear that he is not that kind of guy, and instead of treating fans like “marks” to be played, he rewards those who watch closely with these little Easter eggs that always seem to pay off. How many other people can you say that about in pro wrestling? Very few.

Also, I don’t think there is much of a chance of NJPW “screwing” Naito. I think hardcore Naito fans feel he was already sort of screwed a couple of years back when he lost at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

When Okada beat him at Wrestle Kingdom 12, the air went out of the entire building- people were very disappointed, and I honestly don’t think he has recovered from that moment. Attendees at that show had so much LIJ merchandise, and SO MANY grown-assed men cosplaying as Naito, and I haven’t seen that level of fan interest in him since. It really felt like he was at his popularity peak, and losing there definitely hurt him.

Naito has been talking about being a double champion all year, and if he doesn’t even get the opportunity to achieve that goal, although it could create another storyline, I think it would leave a very bad taste in the mouth of LIJ fans, and NJPW fans overall.

It also would send a poor message to the locker room that the guys who have been working hard all year in NJPW could get the rug pulled out from under them by a guy who no longer works for the company full time.

They can definitely do a great storyline with Omega and Ibushi, but they don’t need to screw over Naito to do so, and I don’t think that will happen.

All that being said, this pre-match Omega video was an awesome bonus for people who have been following this story for a long time- I really like that about Omega, the guy finds a way to tell long form stories in a way that you don’t see much in modern wrestling.

I feel rewarded for paying close attention, which is the exact opposite of what happens when you watch some other wrestling products.

All the criticism of Omega over his minor idiosyncracies mean very little to me ultimately, because at the core of it all, this guy respects fans and treats them like intelligent human beings, and I have always been very thankful for that.

Also I’m happy I decided to go to Wrestle Kingdom (for the fourth time in five years), there may be some amazing surprises on these two shows!

I may be wrong about some or all of the above, but I’m excited to find out over the next few months!


Welcome @T-Slow!!! I see it is your first time posting.
I am very jealous you have been able to attend WK so frequently. It is a dream of mine, but unfortunately it does not appear 2020 will be the year.

I don’t mean “screw” Naito, but rather give him more of a gripe. He doesn’t hold either title at the moment so for all the talk of being a double-champ, it’s just talk. Nothing about the current situation indicates he deserves the chance and its somehow going to be taken away. Also, I trust Gedo books so far in advance if that much of this is already known.

I like what you say about Kenny as it is a big reason I am such a fan of his. He definitely puts thought into his story as both a wrestler, and a public figure. Consider the events that lead to the Golden Lovers reunion…whether you realized it at the time or only when looking back, the entire thing was well thought out with hints and Easter eggs along the way. That they did not appear together in public during the break was a conscious decision (as is not speaking about Ibushi winning the G1 this year publicly). He is somebody who realized in modern wrestling, the lines are so blurred between character and real person that the best thing to do is lean in.

Counter that with so many other performers we see where it is so obvious how they are on screen is not what they are like in real life. IF Kenny has a flaw, it is that he is just flat out random and strange and eclectic - but you know who else is like that - real f’n people.

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Wai I was watching on the TSN Go app too and my feed cut right after the pin. I think this happened cause the next program was a Canadiens vs. Coyotes game, which would be an out of market blacked game for us. So the app knew the schedule and knew to cut but watching it on TV they had a slight over run.

And it was mentioned before and I’m sure you’ve heard from twitter, they did say the tape machines are running and if they main event goes past TV time, they will share the result on social media.


Hey MJ,

Yes first-time poster, thanks for the welcome!

That Kenny video got me so amped I had to jump in and share my two cents.

Japan around Christmas is such a great trip even if you can only go for a few days- if you decide to take the plunge, hit me up, I’ve got an extra ticket for January 4th I’ll give you. Big NJPW shows are really cool events, and Japan can be done on a ridiculously low budget if you plan a little bit ahead. (I’m happy to share some ideas as needed)

To be clear, everything you said makes logical sense, I’m just going with my gut on this based on my own obviously biased personal view.

I’m not sure if that Wrestle Kingdom 12 result was a “mistake”, but it definitely didn’t help Naito, and I’m hoping he gets his moment, because he has been such an entertaining character, has had great matches (even though it looks like he’s hurting now) and has really been just a damn great asset for NJPW.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how this all plays out- one thing I’m fairly sure of is that it won’t disappoint!

Honestly, it’s great to have AEW now, but thank god for NJPW these past few years, they really have been unbelievable both in-ring and with storytelling.

I don’t think anyone should forget that without the expert storytelling of Gedo and New Japan Pro Wrestling turning these guys into big underground stars that AEW would very likely not exist.

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Cornette has a point though.

The street fighter stuff is dumb and doesn’t attract a general TV audience

The orange Cassidy stuff is beyond dumb

He’s showing you where dumb Indy stuff doesn’t work. He has a point. It’s dumb Indy stuff. It’s low rent and cheap looking. It’s not going to draw in new fans.

But it is not actively turning off existing fans which I think has to be said given what the Other company is doing.

And on Halloween to do the street fyter outfit is harmless. How many cringeworthy holiday segments have we seen over the years in all promotions

I loved the guys take on it - why do we have to discuss every week what the outrage is. Cornette is living the gimick and successful. He’s carved out his corner. No need for copycats for the sake of it.

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That’s the opinion of a 58 year old man telling you what’s going to bring in 18-49. Read that back to yourself. It is dumb but guess what we’re dumb.

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I feel sorry that you think this entertaining stuff is dumb. I love it.

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Does he have a point though on the SF stuff, are people also hating on
Gargano’s Marvel Gear

OR Alexa Bliss doing various superheros including Harley Quinn?

There is no difference between those things and the Bucks doing SF.

He must also always hate on WWE having the New Day do holiday themed matches, which are much worse than the Orange Cassidy stuff on this show.

I didn’t like that match very much but it wasn’t going to turn me off to the event either because it wasn’t taken seriously. Orange Cassidy is fine with me until they have people sell for his weak kicks.

Orange Cassidy is over like crazy though, so even if you think it’s dumb, if the majority of the fan base likes it, it’s working.

He’s a modern day take on The Fonz- who was one of the most iconic TV characters of all time. There are a lot of stories they can tell without jumping the shark.

I was definitely a little worried when they signed Marko Stunt and Cassidy, but everything so far has been logical. Nobody is selling Cassidy’s stupid weak kicks, and Stunt’s matches haven’t strained credulity too much.

I’m 45, so I’m not qualified to comment on what younger fans find entertaining or not.

Cornette’s audience definitely skews older (I listen sometimes, but I disagree with him in many areas, and his personal attacks are reprehensible), so he’s playing to an audience that’s not being targeted by AEW.

I could have done without the goofy costumes in the Best Friends match (especially Cassidy dressing up seemed out of character- he’s too “cool” to dress up), but it wasn’t a show-killer, it was 3 minutes.

If I’m Turner Broadcasting I want Orange Cassidy and MJF. Both are crazy over in their characters to current fans and have looks an gimmicks that are easy to understand to new fans. They are future money makers.

The day Orange snaps and goes totally aggressive on somebody in a storyline is the day we hear the loudest Holy Shit chant of the AEW era. Seriously, just imagine him being in a story where he snaps and grabs a chair and starts wailing on somebody who thought they could antagonize him without consequence. The juice is going to be worth the squeeze. Yes, I said that.

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How do you know he’s over?

Because the fans in the arena love him?

AEW fans cheer anything - they chanted this is awesome at the women’s match. They changed this is awesome for Britt vs Riho.

They won’t boo anything the company does. It can be dumbest shit ever and they will cheer it because they love the company and want it to succeed.

Over is drawing ratings - show me a spike when he’s out there I belive it.

Right now you could have me go out on AEW TV and wrestle and they would cheer

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I love the Orange Cassidy stuff. Find him more entertaining then anything else in wrestling right now tbh, but I’ve often preferred weird wrestling to good wrestling lol

I mean people are cosplaying as him so that is something. I doubt he is making a huge rating increase in the limited time he is used. At the same time I highly doubt he is having a big negative impact given how he is being used. Did Hornswaggle cost WWE viewers? James Elsworth? Does R-Truth? He is a comedy character and he is being used as one.

IMO if some people think he is funny, and he isn’t positioned to be taken seriously I don’t have an issue with him. My worry with him was that they would use him against their main event talent and they would be expected to sell for him. That isn’t what we have gotten.

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Do they even release quarter hour ratings and do those even determine who is over anymore? I’d think social media views or likes has more meaning than quarter hour ratings at this point.

When you got little kids cosplaying him, and the crowd is chanting for him, he’s over.

And another thing - this idea that nobody can be over or popular unless they appeal to people other than the AEW fanbase. How did we arrive at this point where a promotion has a rabid audience/fanbase and we decided the only reason the promotion or its talent is successful, or “over” is because of the fanbase. Like when did that become a bad thing. Isn’t that the point? I mean how many people need to like somebody for it to be widely accepted that he is over?

Imagine people saying Oprah isn’t popular because only people who watch her show like her and they’d love anything she does. She could give away Dogshit and the crowd would start crying tears of joy. Like think how dumb this is what we de-value talent because the Fanbase likes them. God forbid, am I right?


God forbid someone appeal to their fanbase. Especially when you are still establishing your fan base.
If you find that 30 seconds of Orange Cassidy that offensive to your enjoyment that it affects your viewing habits, you really need to chill. Do you consume movies the same way? Do you hate on TV shows that have a.scene you don’t like? If so, you must not enjoy much


The mind-trick you can play on yourself by thinking nobody is popular because the only people who think that person is cool are people who think they are cool, and therefore they must not be popular because they only appeal to people who like him.

Re-read :point_up:. It makes tons of sense.