RAD 11/27/19: A Little Bit of the Foilies

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite featuring Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky for the AEW title.

The Inner Circle kicked off the show with a celebration for Chris Jericho starring the great Ted Irvine, Cody had his first match since Full Gear, a rematch from All Out between Kenny Omega and PAC, the first Dynamite Diamond Ring is awarded, the arrival of The Butcher and The Blade, Scorpio Sky’s shot at the AEW championship.


  • Mauro Ranallo off of Wednesday night’s episode of NXT
  • NWA reveals its main event for Into the Fire, handling of this week’s edition of NWA Power
  • Thoughts on Impact Wrestling’s IPWF special
  • Mike Bennett speaks publicly for the first time since requesting his WWE release
  • WWE Backstage does 121,000 viewers
  • Raw viewership following the Survivor Series

Plus, our weekly POST Wrestling Store t-shirt giveaway and your feedback, comments, and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: AEW

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On the NWA discussion I’m with Wai on looking to drop a wrestling show, I felt that way watching AEW Dark live and the Omega/Evans match didn’t start until 7:50. The matches are too long I understand why you want Big Swole and Shanna to get time but I can’t watch it live. Also I did feel the levels were off on Jericho’s mic from the start

I’m a big Every Time I Die fan so to find out that the butcher is Andy Williams is pretty cool. Still a confusing debut.


I just googled “Everything time I did Andy Williams” and saw he’s been in a ring with Joey Ryan and sold the dick flip, you know what that means…

It’s a divisie opening. Wai and John loves it. Meltzer didn’t.

Will be cool to see ratings and it people we’re turned off and switched to NXT

No idea who they were, why they would come out from the ring, and why they would go after Cody.

I think the trap down showed up too early so it made at least us at home fixate more on what was about to come out of that hole in the ring over what Cody was doing and when you do a reveal you want a little misdirection.

I have NO reason who these guys are or why Allie ‘The Bunny’ went heel (if it is the same person) I watch a lot of AEW Youtube content too, did I miss this?

You didn’t miss anything. They have a lot to explain next week with these three.

Yeah it was a horrible debut and segment. Who are they? Why did Excalibur know who they are? Why is Allie with them? Why attack Cody? None of it made any sense.

I hope the storyline is that Allie called her friends to deal with Cody because Brandy attacked her with Kong and cut her hair some weeks ago. I mean, this is the logical thing to do. Still a distraction from the MJF feud with Cody which I don’t think is necessary, but maybe they’ve decided to help the women’s division with this storyline in a way.


Bad debut, but cool look and group.
I have no problem with Cody being distracted from the MJF feud. They should not rush major programs and I think it’s fine to let it simmer and marinate a lil bit. Stacking obstacles in Cody’s way as he is on a quest to get to MJF is a solid way to fill his schedule now that he isn’t in the title picture. These guys, wardlow, I think the MJF match should happen at DoN or All Out.

I agree that it is not adamant for Cody to get into all out war with MJF right now (they maybe want to save their match for the next PPV), and kinda like it too, but we’ve been conditioned for so many years in WWE on straight forward storylines, that stories with layers seem beyond confusing. Especially when people missed something that happened week or two ago.

What I like is if this suggestion is true, is how what Brandy does impacts what Cody is doing (and vice-versa). Something that I was wondering if they will dare play with at at some point. And it maybe came sooner than later.


I agree, having story lines intersect with each other is not a bad thing.

It’s the same with title challengers, there is nothing wrong with multiple people wanting title shots, not just wait in line for the current challenger to have their shot. Remember when PAC questioned why he wasn’t in a no. 1 contenders match on the 2nd episode of Dynamite?

The only problem was that AEW didn’t seem to learn from The Dark Order debut where they should have run vignettes beforehand, so we know who they are when they actually debut. They need to run vignettes for any new act (That a vast majority of fans haven’t heard off)

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This :+1:
Great call @partci something right there in front of us and because we aren’t used to multi-layer stories is probably getting overlooked. Explains the heel turn by Alli.
Now they just need to tell this story in well produced bits like Road To


I feel like they need to tell you this on the main show or recap it. Most people doing watch BTE and the YouTube stuff (I’m sure the live audience does but not the 800k on TV). They can’t condition you to tune in and not know what’s going on unless you go to YouTube or else people won’t tune in

Sorry for being late to this party after a rough day.

After re-watching the Cody segment last night, they can easily have the story be that other wrestlers know Cody is not on the top of his game, he’s hurt and want to take him out to make a name for themselves/ theirself in AEW. As a result from this, you can also have MJF run his mouth on Cody subtlety, knowing he is tied up and can’t come after him. Best case scenario in my opinion, you have the face off between the two at the pay per view in May.


People complain that AEW uses ex WWE guys.
Then they complain that AEW uses guys they’ve never seen before…
Can’t please everyone. If it was Allie’s response to the Brandi/Kong attack, then this is a great storyline. After all, Braxton Sutter is Allie’s s.o., it’s just natural storytelling.


Wrestling stories that make sense only when you think about it as if it was an actual drama. What :clap: a :clap: Concept


Why do we always need vignettes to debut people? When you watch a TV show, sometimes they build up a character in certain ways before they appear. Other times a character just debuts and they build from there.


You asking these questions and wanting the answers probably means the angle did exactly what it was supposed to.

My problem was Excalibur knowing them. It would have been better if the commentary team did not know who they were and only identified Allie. “Who are these guys and why did Allie have them attack Cody?” Is a better line the. “It’s the Blade, the Butcher,and the Bunny.” Most of the audience has no idea what if anything that means. Then let them make a mission statement at some point.

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