Random Things You Know From Wrestling

  • How TV ratings work
  • Exactly one song apiece by Rev Theory and Finger Eleven
  • The time difference between here and Tokyo
  • Canadian geography (at least better than the average American)
  • What major arenas and stadiums used to be called
  • Who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars

Definitely more about music - I didn’t know a lot of the bands but liked the songs.

can’t agree on the Canadian geography lol but so can see for Americans how it plays into it

Along same vein though although I don’t learn more about geography of America I do learn more about regional variability in terms of seeing the fan bases of various cities and how they react and the make up of the audience etc.

Tv ratings for sure as well as more about how sports TV rights and deals work.

A little bit more about right wing politics. Outside of wrestling, I’m not sure I really encounter many people that aren’t as right wing as wrestlers and executives in wrestling or MMA. Sometimes seeing them talk about their political views does lead me to see more of the right wing politics than I would normally be exposed to

The difference between Sting (wrestler) and Sting (singer).

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Now that I think about it, that actually might be more of a “POST Wrestling Fan” thing that just a wrestling fan in general…

  • Names of moves popularized in Japan and Mexico.
  • The word “abeyance.”
  • Different work-out routines (which I have yet to do).

The definition of the word absconded.

I learned “in cahoots” from one of the Kane/Taker storylines (late 90s?).

I also once abbreviated pay-per-view to “PPV” in a work chat, and nobody knew what I was talking about.