Random WWE Match Watch

I’m bored with life, so I decided to create a Random WWE Match Watch. I’ll try to do it every week if I can. I know I’m copying Pickles0303, so I recognize him as the person who gave me this idea. I’ll try to post soon.

The generator is kind of bad, but search up Random WWE Match and it should be the first website. You can do the same thing I’m doing and post it in this thread, I don’t mind


Only random Brooklyn Brawler matches.

I don’t understand what you mean by that.

Are YOU only going to do Brooklyn Brawler matches? I’m fine with that.

If you want ME to do only Brooklyn Brawler matches, I’m not going to.

Just asking.

Yes. I agree with your reply.

Match 1: Rob Van Dam vs. Flash Funk,

Van Dam was in ECW at the time and apparently had Jerry Lawler in his corner. They show a shot of Tommy Dreamer at ringside looking real pissed at Van Dam and Paul E. Dangerously (or Paul Heyman) trying to restrain him. Van Dam taunts Dreamer until he grabs a chair, in which the refs restrain him.

The match is good, both going back and forth until Van Dam seems to take control. Funks gets it back and lands a Moonsault, but gets a 2 count. Van Dam takes control for a while, then the two start going back and forth. Van Dam hits a superkick in the corner and then lands a second-rope Moonsault for the win.

Lawler celebrates until Dangerously attacks him. The two brawl, which brings Van Dam and Dreamer into the fight until it becomes a all-out brawl.

Moves: 0.75
Control: 0.75
Ending: 0.75
Aftermath: 1
Rating: 3.25/4

I agree with your rating of this match.
Close to sex, but not.

I’m sorry it’s been so long, but I am part of a theater production now and couldn’t find time to do one of these again. Thankfully, I have time now and this should be fun.
Match 2: Hardy Boyz vs. X-Pac and Justin Credible
This is when the Hardy Boyz were holding the Tag Team Titles and this was a tag team titles match. The Hardys, of course, had Lita in their corner. They take control early until X-Pac and Justin double-team Matt on the outside and throw him into the ring post. They throw him back in and X-Pac hits a Bronco Buster on Matt. Matt rolls out of the way of a Justin Credible move, allowing him to tag Jeff. They hit Poetry in Motion on Justin but X-Pac stops them from trying to pin him. X-Pac sends Jeff into Lita and Matt sends X-Pac out of the ring. Matt and Jeff hit a Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combo, but Albert breaks up the pin to give a DQ win to the Hardy Boyz. Albert sends Jeff out into the crowd and gives Matt the Albert Bomb. They pose in the ring as X-Factor is born.