Randy Orton, T-Bar and rapper Soulja Boy exchange volley of deadly barbs over Twitter

It all started when Soulja Boy claimed that the “rap game [is] faker than WWE,” which caused T-Bar to chime in, and Randy Orton came in like a knight in shining armor to back up his good friend T-Bar.

Things escalated as Soulja Boy attempted to fire back with insults about as impactful as his music career over the past decade, and culminated with Randy claiming “[Bad Bunny] would beat the fuck out of you” and calling him a “one hit wonder ass motha fucka.”

Begs the question: Do we get Soulja Boy vs. Bad Bunny in a steel cage at Wrestlemania? And who is your pick?

When the hell was the last time Randy Orton wrestled 200 days in a year?? Did he ever?

Also, nothing is more cringeworthy than wrestlers responding to every c-level celebrity who criticizes / throws shade at professional wrestling.


It’s been eight years since Orton hit that number. On average, it’s been half that.

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Lol, don’t these guys realize that NOBODY wins a twitter war?

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I still have a PS2 kicking around in my storage room purely for “Fight For NY” alone. A game that absolutely deserves a re-release but will never get one due to licensing. Spent many afternoons throwing Sean Paul in front of a subway train.


Yeah, I had a lot of fun with Fight for NY. I fired it up a little last year with my PS2 I bought in 2002. Not only does the console still work (I have a dedicated space for it again), but the sound level that the game produces is incredible. I’m sure the same holds true for my other PS2 games.

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Who we adding to the Fight For New York remake? Gotta have Kendrick and Cole on there. Future and Young Thug. Gunna and Travis Scott. Maybe add Post Malone as the token white guy?

I was thinking Wiz Khalifa, but you might as well throw all four of the guys in this video into it.

I’m sensing deja vu; did you post this exact same response elsewhere?

I don’t think so? Wai and I might have mentioned Fight For NY when I was on Rewind-A-Dynamite, but I don’t remember. It’s entirely possible, though - I love to reminisce about that game.

Lol Soulja Boy? Was Lil Bow Wow busy? Bring him in and turn this into a work. Could be a good pop for a couple of weeks.