Raquel Rodriguez reflects on working with Ronda Rousey in WWE, says Rousey cares about women's division

Originally published at Raquel Rodriguez reflects on working with Ronda Rousey in WWE, says Rousey cares about women's division

Rodriguez speaks about Ronda Rousey and touches on more. 

On multiple occasions over the last year, Raquel Rodriguez has shared the ring with Ronda Rousey. The most recent occasion was at WWE Money in the Bank when Rodriguez and Liv Morgan won the Women’s Tag Team Titles from Rousey and Shayna Baszler. 

Episode #300 of ESPR | Wrestling Podcast featured an interview with Rodriguez. She was asked about her experience working with Rousey on and off-screen. Raquel stated that Ronda cares about WWE’s women’s division. 

Ronda (Rousey) carries herself like a superstar. Ronda’s great. I have had no bad experiences with Ronda. I think she has also been very willing to put herself into a business that she doesn’t have much knowledge in. But she’s also been willing to kind of help the rest of us along the way too and elevate a lot of the women in the division. She wants a lot for the women in the division, I’ll say that. She does care about the women’s division for WWE.

A week ago, at the age of 36, Windham Rotunda a.k.a. Bray Wyatt passed away. Raquel spoke on how those within WWE are doing following the loss: 

Everybody’s come together (following Bray Wyatt’s passing), they really have and everybody’s kind of been together as it was before. It doesn’t always take these events for us to come together as a family. WWE in itself has a great support system. We are a big family because we’re with each other non-stop and so a lot of people pull together, we’re checking on each other. Making sure that everyone’s doing alright, mentally, physically, emotionally. It has been very difficult on a lot of our superstars who were very close to him. But everybody’s really pulling through it and staying strong for the family.

At tonight’s WWE Payback Premium Live Event, Rodriguez is challenging Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship.

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