RAR 10/29/18: John Cena replaced at Crown Jewel, Rollins-Ambrose follow-up

Dude, you said no one is outraged about the Pittsburg synagogue shooting! Then tried to blather on about how there is violence in the world, and violence is bad, and you are not a bad person, and you are not outraged, and you can see shades of gray that others can’t, and you can separate entertainment and politics, and you really don’t care about all of this… blah blah blah.

We get man it now man, you really want to see DX vs The Bros of Destruction. Enjoy it homie.

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All of this started because of you. The last thing I wanted was blather on about all of this but you took a part of my comment out of context and I wanted to get my point over.

If you want to be outrage by all of this and be angry about this, That’s your choice, I won’t stand in your way because like I wrote before, I respect those that are outrage with the show being held but at the same time, if you don’t respect my opinion, I will defend it. I’m just made like that, so you wanted to take part of my comment out of context and I defended it. Could I have defended it better? Probably but I did defended it anyway and try to do it with respect because I know that this is a sensitive subject for some fans.

So if you are not comfortable watching it, then don’t watch. I for one with record the show and watch it later in the day because I don’t care about the politics behind it

Weighing in here very delicately.

I try to view these polarizing debates from every perspective so that if I disagree I don’t feel like I’m close minded and one sided.

Here’s what I’ve concluded -

From a fan perspective: it’s a wrestling show being promoted as a special show with some interesting things on it that may or may not appeal to all but for those it does appeal to, enjoy it. There is not a single thing wrong with enjoying this show as a wrestling show and form of entertainment.

From a geopolitical perspective: it’s a fine line for a multinational corporation to get in business with governments and foreign entities for this exact reason. But if you are going to be viewed as a multinational corporation then this is part of it and those who invest in you do have to accept that not every decision may be agreeable. If its not agreeable for one - don’t endorse it with your money (holds true for fans as well). Ultimately WWE is looking out for its bottom line ahead of anything else. Not defending it beyond their statement to me suggested there is no defense other than the obvious which is that this is about money. But to come out and say it would not play well either so they opted to shut up. Probably not the worst decision. I think John was wrong about this because the way any defense could of played may have looked a lot worse.

Now the seemingly popular perspective is that this is wrong and running a show that promotes the vision of a government that just got caught murdering a journalist is just not right. Hard to argue. But I did like the perspective that for Saudi kids who will attend this show, it’s a break from other shitty elements of life. Just like we look to forms of entertainment in the face of shitty things, kids there deserve that as well.

As an American growing up during the last 20 years there are so many things - done by both political parties - that the rest of the world has hated. And yet we Americans enjoy globalism beyond any other country and can sometimes sit on a high horse.

I would have preferred to see WWE pull out from the show deal. But I guess I’m happy they are doing it for kids who can be exposed to more western things and grow up to be different people than their leaders. I mean, imagine if every kid grew up in the States like our leaders?

There is gray area here. I think it’s been lost in the obvious decision that wasn’t made

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Renee Young going to be on commentary.

#Progress :laughing: