RAR 3/11/19: Carny con artists, Hunter-Batista set, Conor McGregor arrested

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Monday’s episode of Raw started the big push for WrestleMania with a face-to-face involving Triple H and Dave Batista, Roman Reigns is attacked by Drew McIntyre, the announcement of the host for WrestleMania, a new Intercontinental champion, Kurt Angle’s announcement about his future, Ronda Rousey annihilates Dana Brooke, a farewell address from The Shield, Shelton Benjamin is now on Raw & lots more.

Plus, a big discussion on the Ronda Rousey storyline, a rundown of the final opening round matches of the New Japan Cup, Wai’s second-round predictions and the best usage of the WWE’s Performance Center.

NEWS OF THE DAY: Harlem Heat announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, Wally Yamaguchi passes away, Conor McGregor arrested in Florida, an update on the New Japan Cup after the first round, more WWE signings, David Finlay’s injury & more.

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Shout out to Wai for The Smiths reference

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I’m only one man, but they’ve totally turned me off with the ‘shoot’ aspect of Ronda/Becky. I’m not offended - I just want to suspend disbelief when taking in a work of fiction. I don’t want Kit Harrington to break character in game of thrones and wouldn’t want an actor in the theatre to start ranting about how this is all bullshit. Its stupid as fuck - and in attempt to make it ‘realer’ they’ve made it seem even more phony

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Why It Ended With Robbie E ended a few weeks ago. It was kind of a unique show concept, and they interviewed a lot of guys who don’t do many podcast interviews like Ken Patera, Glacier, Buff Bagwell, etc. The co-host of the show, Matt Koon, has his own podcast now where he interviews wrestlers.


Per a friend of mine from Western Pennsylvania: The former Civic Arena in Pittsburgh was “The Igloo”. Many of the locals still say “going to The Igloo” and everybody knows what they mean, even though it’s not an official nickname for the new PPG Paints Arena.

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Yeah as a more casual viewer of wrestling (at least as casual as someone can get who posts on a wrestling related forum) I have almost
no interest in this program after the last month, which is crazy considering where they were a couple months ago.

Just a correction. You guys didn’t catch Heyman putting over the Shelton/Brock relationship, but he did say it on commentary. He mentioned Shelton training him to wrestle, their time at the university, and OVW.


This comment brings me one step closer to one billion comments.


If Rousey’s gimmick is breaking the fourth wall, it’s long overdue that someone on the announce team acknowledges that Amanda Nunes is the baddest woman on the planet.

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I think this is what John wanted.


Kit Harrington isn’t expected by GoT fans to stay in character 24/7.

I don’t like watching intergender wrestling

Wrestling fans: “OMG it’s a work, don’t be a mark”

Wrestling fans: “OMG Ronda said the F word”.


Kit Harrington isn’t breaking character on GoT, because he’s not paid to.
Ronda is breaking character because she’s paid to.

I just don’t care about the YouTube clips, because it’s not a part of the TV show called “Monday Night RAW!” I just find her delivery to be weak, personally.

It can work, I just don’t think it works well with Ronda.