RAR 3/4/19: Shield Reunion at FISTlane, Ronda Rousey attacks Becky

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Monday’s episode of Raw built towards the reunion of The Shield and the announcement of their match for this Sunday’s Fastlane event, Triple H’s reaction to Dave Batista after his attack on Richard Fliehr, a Hold Harmless Agreement signing involving Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, the announcement of the WrestleMania correspondents Michael Che and Colin Jost and lots more.

NEWS OF THE DAY: King Kong Bundy passes away, an update on Asuka’s injury from the SmackDown house show, Report on additional details regarding Arn Anderson’s WWE release, AEW announces date and location of July show, Torrie Wilson announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, Luke Perry passes away, David Finlay’s replacement in the New Japan Cup & more.

Plus your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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My wife: “I feel like 10% of our time over the past year was spent watching Baron Corbin wrestle Finn Balor, and absolutely nobody cares.”

She’s got a point.


Want to put something out there based on discussion you and John had.

Has the Rousey experiment reached a point a year in where it’s the lack of production values that has caught up to her. This week she spoke a mile a minute, rushed her arm bar and left the show with minutes to spare which was a very amateur move in the final segment. Last week she’s botched so many lines with Stephanie making for awkward edits and story telling. As we know the entire point of Raw is for future video production to sell stories and events. Her facials are off, her timing, her positioning with the camera at times. These are all things WWE preaches and teaches in NXT. It’s why ever talent no matter how good in ring hasn’t gone to NXT (except AJ who spent a decade carrying a TV program). We question why talent spends so long in NXT, and when overlook how important all of those production values of segments matter. Rousey has been here a year and the idea she is new has worn off. She’s being positioned as 1/3 of the main event of Wrestlemania and while I’m sold on this story and match, I have found it very scrappy in terms of the on screen component.

Prediction: Rousey is walking out with the title and in cahoots with the McMahons. Sorry, that’s the 1998 version.
2019 prediction: Rousey is walking out with the title after Charlotte eats the pin setting up the singles match and continuing Becky’s Chase. This is the mistake they made with Brock and Roman by over shooting the jump off point. Still, that will give Rousey incredible heat even if it ian misplaced. If everyone thinking Becky is winning then I see the swerve especially if Kofi is getting a moment

Now I’m not going to be able to see Alister Black’s entrance without thinking about All Wilson.

Also I never thought about Steph sticking her nose in the W/M Triple Threat match. After its obvious considering “The historical significance” of it.

Prediction: Rousey is walking out with the title and in cahoots with the McMahons. Sorry, that’s the 1998 version.

I’d actually pop for that, especially if it was complete with JR on commentary saying: “The McMahon’s and Rousey screwed us all”, and the McMahon’s dancing off with Rousey similar to the ending of Survivor Series 1998 when they screwed Mankind.

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