RAR 5/20/19: Beast in the Bank, 24/7 title, Becky 1 Belt

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John Pollock is back with Wai Ting to review WWE Raw from Albany, New York.

Coming off Money in the Bank, Raw featured Mick Foley’s announcement of a new 24/7 title eligible for members of any roster with multiple title changes on the first night. Brock Lesnar appeared to tease a cash in on either Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston as the show-long hook. Plus, Becky 1 Belt, another match added to Super Showdown, State of the U.S. title next week, and Cesaro gets new music.


  • The latest on Ric Flair following his heart procedure on Monday and being removed from Starrcast II events
  • AEW to run PAC vs. Hangman Page match on Tuesday that was taped at the recent WrestleGate card in Nottingham, England
  • Notes from Being the Elite with new signings and participants in the Casino Battle Royale
  • Jordynne Grace signs contract with Impact Wrestling
  • NXT confirms War Games for November TakeOver card in Chicago
  • Location and date announcement for Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 in 2020

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So I’m up late tonight. But yeah, Alexa just wanted more coffee. They both had cups, and Alexa just wanted more coffee so she poured Nikki’s coffee into her cup to have more of it. It’s black too, so she’s pretty much a barbarian.

Tonight it was actually 4. Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingsotn, Lars Sullivan and R-Truth. I actually during the show mistook The Miz and The Usos as Smackdown talent. That’s how bad this is.


Is there an actual reason as to why Vince wants the titles on the main roster to look like toys? Are they just cheaper to produce when it comes to selling replicas? The titles on NXT and NXT UK actually look good. The Women’s tag titles look good but that was more of a HHH/Stephanie project if reports are to be believed. And why are the men’s tag titles silver? It’s dumb. As for this title, not only is it pretty ugly (still not as bad as the Universal title) but the 24/7 novelty will die out within a month.

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Let’s go easy on The Secret Life of Pets here guys. Watched this on Netflix with my son and it was pretty good. The problem here is the secret life of WWE producers.


Also, Louis CK doesn’t return for the sequel, so anyone else can rest easy.

I don’t care what the Twitter Title looks like. At least all of the stupid griping about the Universal Title a few years back was about a strap that’s treated seriously.