RAR 6/3/19: Brock-And-Switch Tactics, Atsushi Aoki Passes Away

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw from Austin, Texas.

Monday’s episode featured The Undertaker’s lone promo building up his match against Bill Goldberg, a show-long tease that Brock Lesnar would cash-in on Seth Rollins, the latest in the Ricochet vs. Cesaro series, Triple H has BALLS, R-Truth hides out under the ring, Shane McMahon threatens to submit Roman Reigns, and the promotional push for ‘this Friday in Jeddah’.


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**All Japan star Atsushi Aoki dies in a motorcycle accident at 41

**The finals of the Best of the Super Juniors are set for Wednesday

**Ring of Honor conducting an internal review after a fan’s account of their experience at Sunday’s show in Portland, Oregon, Bully Ray issues his own statement on the incident

**Thoughts on the NXT TakeOver card from Saturday night in Bridgeport, CT

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photo Courtesy: WWE

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Broken Wai is the best Wai

When Wai loudly screamed “Fuck” I felt that. This main roster is tearing everyone apart

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Poor Wai. Thank you for putting up with Raw, so that I dont have to.

Brock has been the best part of Raw since MITB and that was the case this week but him not cashing in made no sense. Like John said, should’ve just said that they’re getting paid to make it happen at Super Showdown.

The US title stuff I didn’t like and does Rey giving Joe the title back mean the title change never happened as Joe’s shoulders weren’t down (which would make more sense as the decision is basically being reversed) or is this a new title reign for Joe?

Liked the Bray Wyatt segment as usual. And all the characters do have a purpose.

Didn’t care about anything else on the show.

Yeah, having the cash in at the Saudi show explains why MITB was moved up in the schedule.

It was a coincidence and not planned that far out. The Saudi Arabian show was originally set for early May before MITB but was moved to this Friday.