RAR 7/1/19: Raw E. Dangerously

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After last week’s news that Paul Heyman has been named the Executive Director of WWE Raw, John Pollock and Wai Ting review Monday’s show to see what changes, if any, would be evident.

Also on this week’s show from Dallas, Texas: A major angle to lead off the show involving Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman, a rematch between Ricochet and AJ Styles for the United States title, one 2-of-3 Falls match, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch team up, a much different pace to the show, and is Maria Kanellis pregnant?

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Not a fan of either Strowman or Lashley but the way the end of the match was produced was very good. Maybe things exploded for too long but overall it was thumbs up. Like that AJ has reunited with Gallows & Anderson but Ricochet really is a disaster on the mic. Corbin & Lacey didn’t come across as bad as previous weeks so how they were presented this week was a plus.

The main issues still remain though. Wild card rule needs to be binned and them not knowing how to time their commercial breaks or time their show around the commercial breaks is still ridiculous. I don’t understand why it’d be so difficult to just have the commercials in between matches/segments. I didn’t like them having commercial breaks during matches but they’ve managed to make things worse.

As for Rollins and Becky, it’s making both of them look bad. Introducing a couple as a power couple that have everything will always be difficult to get over as a babyface act but when you add Michael Cole trying to drill their relationship into your head then it becomes near impossible. Makes the titles look shit as well. Still can’t believe Rollins was introduced as “Becky Lynch’s boyfriend” at Stomping Grounds. The guy is the Universal champion for fuck’s sake.

Overall, an improvement on previous weeks/months of Raw but a lot still needs to be changed.

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Worked fine for me on Android via PocketCasts this morning

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Mine is normally fast but I usually do it at 530 am. Hot water heater at house going out messed up my day

John was on the nose with just about everything on this show: so much of this seemed reactionary to the more edgier stuff we saw on AEW, Seth/Becky was a disaster and a horrible disservice to Becky, and The Street Profits are pure gold.

Also, the line from Seth about things being awkward, I had to rewind it a few times myself, and he says “actually” not “sexually”. He done messed up his elocution.

Mine freezes all the time. I hate it but I’m in too deep.


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