RAR 7/8/19: Cedric the Sports Entertainer

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/07/09/rar-7-8-19-cedric-the-sports-entertainer/


John Pollock and Wai Ting review Monday’s Extreme Rules go-home edition of WWE Raw featuring a main event where Roman Reigns teamed with a masked janitor against Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre.

From the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Raw also featured a Beat the Clock Challenge with Bayley and Nikki Cross, the return of Rey Mysterio, and Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch teaming up against Andrade & Zelina Vega. Warning: We Hated This Show!

Plus, we preview one of the biggest weeks ever at POST Wrestling!

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**The status of LAX and Johnny Impact with Impact Wrestling

**AEW announces a tag match at Fight for the Fallen with Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky vs. Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix.

**MLW announces Saturday SuperFight pay-per-view in November.

**UFC 239 reaction

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photo Courtesy: WWE

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Wow, I did not know Bound For Glory was going to be at The Odeum in Villa Park this year. To add to all of the other shows in the Chicago area, ROH is also running a show there on 9/7.

Long time listener but first time forum user here.

I just wanted to share a little feedback on the newest episode of Rewind-A-Raw
for 7/8/19. Usually I enjoy the Post Wrestling podcast despite the [lack of] quality of Raw or SDL or whatever promotion being reviewed.

I appreciate that some nights these shows may not be particularly enthusiastic as well. That being said, I feel like the RAR and RASD shows are getting way long in the tooth before getting to the draw of the podcast.

On this latest episode, I spent almost 40 mins of the podcast listening to John and Wai advertise other things and ramble without much focus.

I don’t mind a little banter, a few quick reminders about upcoming shows, a little news. 40+ mins out of podcast on random things and promoting your other upcoming podcasts (which appear automatically on the feed for what has to be the majority of users/listeners) is a little tiring. Especially when the main draw of these shows is the review and insight on the Raw, Smackdown or the latest PPVs.

The preamble at the start of the podcasts I think shouldn’t be longer than 15 mins on a heavy news day. Most RAR/RASD there isn’t much of merit being commented on in the lead-up to the reviews of Raw/SDL except self promotion of Post-Wrestling episodes- which again, is automatically delivered to most listeners or at the least doesn’t require so much repeating.

I think the actual show reviews are engaging, funny and insightful. Really enjoying the podcast and RAR/RASD recaps and various show reviews. The core of the content is still very good in my opinion.

Please consider trimming down the length of the preamble and promoting at the start of the shows. Or at the least, provide concise and accurate timestamps in the podcast notes so users can get to the actual draw of the podcast without slogging through seven minutes of banter about a giveaway, social anxiety over getting a coffee, et cetera.

I hope this feedback isn’t taken negatively. Though I think the podcast can benefit from “more killer, far less filler”, so to speak.

Edit: Spelling. Posting from my phone.

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I mean, we include a time stamp for the review at the top of the description, would that not solve the problem for you?

The “pre-amble” was the Slammiversary thoughts at the 5 minute mark of the show and then into the news. Apologies if that doesn’t warrant any “merit” from you.

Yes, we are going to advertise our week of shows coming up because frankly, there are a lot and we want to give proper attention to them.


I really enjoy the preamble from John and Wai - it’s just as entertaining, if not more so, then the actual review itself.

The actual plugging of future shows only takes a couple of minutes too, so thats a non-issue for me.

Ultimately I guess it depends on what you’re expectations are from a John and Wai show, but yeah, i’d be disappointed to lose the content that occurs before the review starts.


Please consider ignoring everything in the ironically pointlessly long feedback.

The irreverent conversations combined with the informed opinions and analysis is exactly what makes POST Wrestling and made you both so successful to date. It’s literally why WhatCulture named you the top wrestling podcast.

There are tons of other wrestling podcasts for people who want a different style.


Man, as a non-patreon it’s a bit much to complain about the boys advertising their own show (along with them also giving you the exact timestamp in the description allowing you to easily skip their own ads and banter).

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Just a note of correction, the “banter” was only 38 minutes and 49 seconds (not including the theme song). If only they went closer to the 40 minute mark. Something to strive for John and Wai.


The preamble is getting longer and longer but I enjoy it so I don’t mind.

As for Raw, are we sure that Paul Heyman is the new executive director and not Samantha Bee…? Seth continues to look unimportant despite being the Universal champion and Mike Kanellis… wow, why?

A part of me hopes that the unlikely scenario of Corbin & Lacey winning the titles actually happens so that we can actually move on to something interesting.

You’re aware that you have the ability to fast forward and skip ahead anything you don’t want to listen on this FREE podcast right?


I want to share a little feedback of your post…

You’re a moron. Learn how to read the time stamp and skip ahead.

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The banter and news items at the top of the show are one of the main reasons I listen to be honest.

I don’t follow much wrestling outside of AEW or WWE, but glad that we have John and Wai to keep us up to date on Impact, New Japan, MLW, and ROH news items.

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I don’t agree with what the guy said but he wasn’t really being that rude about it. No need to be rude back especially when people have already made the same points.

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I dunno man…

I was at the Prudential Center last night and I have to say my section which was next to the ramp (not on the same side as the announcers) was hot the whole night. Everyone was into the show and the only boring time was the Bayley match. I haven’t been to a Raw in a long time but WWE does a good job of keeping the show moving during commercial breaks - AJ Styles ran down the crowd during one break, Elias sang a song, and just before the main event Shane and Drew also trash talked Newark. Having fast forwarded thru the show I can see why John and Wai didn’t like it but as a live show it was a lot of fun. My 11 and 9 year olds stayed awake and into it the whole time - then again we did have really good seats. I will also say we ran out as the show ended and they had 2 dark matches - I expected it to be a mass exodus after the show but at least 80% of the crowd stayed. Being there live it was a 8/10 - watching it back 6/10

Appreciate the response, sir.

I thought it was clear I meant time stamps for the entire episode(s). So listeners may jump to the news, review or giveaway, etc sections as they pleased. Though I apologize if it was unclear in my post above.

If my feedback was received poorly, well, I honestly don’t know what I could say differently and honestly. I offered my thoughts in a frank and direct manner without disrespect to your work. Btut apologize if it had the opposite effect on yourself and Wai.

Enjoyed the show for quite a while and appreciate the work put in thus far.

Thank you for your time.

That is not the only time stamp I was intending and clarified in reply to Mr. Pollock.

Because our shows have always been a bit more free-flowing and because of the amount of shows we put out each week, it gets to a point where I have to consider how much time is worth spending on descriptions, upload and timestamps versus getting the shows posted in time for those waiting late at night.

The opening 40 minutes from last night consisted mainly of news discussion that is every bit as relevant to our shows as the review itself. Some weeks, the news is even more relevant than Raw/SD. Please don’t dismiss these conversations as just banter for the sake of banter. It’s a segment that’s there to inform our audience.

As for the plugs of our own shows, many of the programs exist on feeds outside of our main feed (upNXT, BWE, Patreon). We do a lot of shows, and these segments are there to help direct people’s attentions and perhaps give them something to anticipate.

I definitely respect that there are listeners like you who are only here for Raw/SD reviews. Much of our YouTube audience is like this and that’s why I began adding time stamps for the reviews themselves.

As always, if there’s more demand for me to change something, I will allocate my time accordingly.


Please don’t change anything. Thank you.


More banter! More chit chat! More tangents!! More I say!!