RAR 9/16/19: Rusev Bae, KOTR Final, Paul Levesque’s media call

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw featuring a Gender Reveal Party.

Monday’s episode featured the King of the Ring final between Baron Corbin and Chad Gable, a Gender Reveal Party that leads to another return, Cedric Alexander goes for revenge on AJ Styles in a six-man tag, two Hell in a Cell matches are set up the pay-per-view, a main event between Seth Rollins and Robert Roode, and a big focus on The Fiend throughout the show.


  • Paul Levesque’s conference call notes promoting NXT’s premiere on the USA Network
  • AXS TV airing the AAA Invading NY card this Friday
  • AEW going to Indianapolis in November for TNT
  • Big Cass removed from a WrestlePro event over the weekend
  • New Japan’s Destruction in Kagoshima card feat. Kota Ibushi vs. KENTA

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: WWE

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Timestamp 1:06:35 I know what the Archivist is tweeting in the morning


I understand why guys like John and Wai would find much of that show miserable last night. You guys have to watch a ton of stuff and I’m sure angles like the cuck thing and dead crowds really have a large bearing on how you guys consume shows…

That said, this was the first full episode of RAW I’ve watched in forever and I pretty much enjoyed the whole show.

  1. Yep. The cuck angle is tasteless and from a bygone era but I cannot sit here and lie and say I didn’t find myself enjoying like I used to enjoy terribly awesome stuff from the past. I think the criticism that it killed the live crowd is a fair one, but I sometimes wonder how much the live crowd matters vs putting on a breezy show for the TV audience. At least, I thought the show was a breeze to watch.

  2. I thought there were way more pretaped/backstage stuff this week than what I’m used to seeing and which I found broke up the monotony of things.

  3. I thought it was cool to see Dana get a match even if she lost. I’m not trying to blow smoke, I think she’s improved but that improvement is often overstated.

  4. The Fiend is the best thing WWE has done in forever.

  5. Only TRUE negative I personally have is Cedric’s booking as it seems weird to push as much as they have to have him destroyed by an AJ Styles who, honestly, could eat a loss and maintain his heat no problem.

  6. Gable and Corbin was awesome. Straight up. Corbin is a great base for cruisers, quite frankly. Maybe the second best behind Cesaro.

I really had a good time with the show. 7.5/8 out of 10.

I wonder now that The Fiend attacked Kane, this brings The Undertaker costing The Fiend at Hell In A Cell idea back as a possibility

Paid for a double-double with a $20 today. Know exactly what John was talking about.