RASD 1/24/20: SmackDown, Hard Times & Royal Rumble Preview

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John Pollock and Wai Ting present a special edition reviewing Friday Night SmackDown and NWA Hard Times.

First, Wai Ting takes us through tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown from Dallas, TX as Roman Reigns & The Uso’s battle King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Bobby Roode. Plus, Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt sign their contract for Sunday’s Royal Rumble title match.

Then, John Pollock takes us through the results of NWA’s Hard Times PPV as Nick Aldis faces Flip Gordon in an NWA-ROH inter-promotional match and a new NWA World TV Champion is crowned over the course of a one-night tournament.

Plus, they preview this weekend’s Worlds Collide and Royal Rumble shows.


  • Chris Wilson a.k.a. Justice Pain passes away
  • Brian Cage provides an update on his health and contract status
  • WrestleMania week announcements
  • Hercules Ayala passes away

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Photos Courtesy: WWE

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Skipped 80% of this show (everything Roman/Corbin/Miz/New Day/Dolph/Elias is instant skip for me; why should I care about Cesaro too? I’m getting only sad and pissed when seeing him being used as a glorified jobber). Ending was just stupid. Way to put over your number one contender for the title.

I care for absolutely nothing on the entire Royal Rumble show, past what perhaps Brock will do; I have the slightest hope that at least this will be decent.

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The women’s rumble should be good. Probably predictable (Shayna wins and Ronda somehow involved) but still should be decent.

The men’s is wide open - not clear who wins unlike last year where we knew it was going to be Seth

To be honest I’m hoping Seth wins again. He’s the most interesting he’s been and the stuff he’s doing now is probably the best stuff on WWE main roster. Not interested in Lesnar vs. Velazquez or a Lesnar vs. Fiend unification match or a Lesnar vs. Reigns match. Give me heel vs. heel with Rollins and his disciples beating Lesnar.

I think only thing against that idea is that they did it last year.

I think the rumble winner challenges Fiend and the Lesnar program is setup during Rumble. Odds are Cain or someone else dumps him out to set it up.

As for winner I imagine agaisnt Fiends you can do Roman or Braun

Now that we’ve reached the Rumble, I’m joining the camp that thinks it will be Cain to dump Lesnar. In other words, basically re-doing the angle from October/November… because the launch of Smackdown on Fox and the atrocious Saudi show were just a bad dream.

Hope I’m wrong.

Great show guys - the live element, other event coverage and inclusion of WH Park is something I could get used to.