RASD 1/30/18: Owens & Zayn Dissension, New 205 Live GM, Braun & Alexa, Jeremy Borash

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/01/31/rasd-1-30-18-owens-zayn-dissension-new-205-live-gm-braun-alexa-jeremy-borash/


John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE SMACKDOWN 1/30/18 featuring:

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn can’t get along ahead of their no. 1 contender’s match next week, Shinsuke Nakamura speaks about winning the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan announces the new SmackDown ranking system, and Carmella aims to cash-in on Charlotte.

Week 3 of the Mixed Match Challenge sees Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss take on Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch.

A new 205 Live GM and tournament are announced featuring opening matches involving Tyler Bate, TJP, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik.

We discuss the WWE’s signing of Jeremy Borash and Rey Mysterio topping the WWE’s YouTube charts.

And if that’s not enough… we also review WWE 24: WrestleMania 33

Plus, Café feedback to the show from the POST Wrestling Forum.


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I wish that the Riott Squad were able to replicate the chemistry they have in their Instagram videos (including eating at Denny’s) in their on screen performance.

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Baron Corbin’s win last night clinches that he’ll get beat in his hometown of Kansas City next week, right?

I think you’re selling Rey way short. Rousey hasn’t been an MMA closer in two years but it’s understandable that media outlets would get behind her. YouTube has something for everyone so where is the synergy of MMA and wrestling fan viewing that sends her official WWE video to the number one spot? Instead, she takes a solid backseat to a reappearing wrestler who’s long since paid his dues, whose Rumble appearance was not covered by nearly as many sports media sources.

Whichever women’s show Ronda gets in the way of, I’m hoping it’s not Ruby RIott’s. She shows a good deal of potential on the mike and in the ring, making the most of having to share the spotlight. Logan and Morgan (sounds like a law firm) can’t turn on her soon enough.

I’m so bored of people saying Ronda hasn’t paid her dues.

She’s an Olympian, a former top level MMA fighter who was champion in two organisations and she’s got a large, fiercely loyal fan-base - dues more than paid! Her appearance at the Rumble is being covered by mainstream news outlets, as such traffic isn’t being directed to YouTube because you don’t NEED to go there to see it, she’s on news channels, news websites and all over Facebook.

Braun debuted on RAW with something like six matches under his belt and and was signed to a WWE contract without doing anything but strongman contests from what I know of it; when did he pay his dues? He paid them on screen for everyone to see… and the only reason this is any different is because Ronda’s being pushed to the forefront of the product.

Ronda’s being pushed to the forefront of the product because she’s a proven draw and a recognisable face. She’s stealing no one’s spot because NO ONE could do the job Ronda is doing - bring more eyes to the product from other avenues.

She’s also a lifelong fan of pro-wrestling and WWE and people are acting like this is some quick payday for her and not the culmination of a lifelong dream. Stop shitting on the woman for being a success.

As for Rey; two things can be positive at the same time without one being compared to the other. Rey’s appearance isn’t covered by mainstream media but Rey is (like Ronda) a proven draw for certain demographics and his Rumble spot has drawn those people back in a big way. Fingers crossed this shows WWE that he’s worth paying a little more and giving a lighter schedule so that he can return proper later in the year.


God forbid a company uses someone who generated million ppv buys for their shows.

Hardcore wrestling fans are so short sighted and act so markish when theit feelings interrupt their thought process.

Also…imagine this type of thinking when Mr T wrestled at the first Wrestlemania.

Yeah, I’m really not looking forward to the negative backlash this seems to be generating. Hopefully it stays in the minority and doesn’t ruin what could be a fantastic bit of business.

Today’s Ronda Rousey is neither WM 31 Rousey nor 1985 Mr. T.

That Mr. T was a star still going strong from his work on Rocky III and the A-Team, which cross-promoted wrestling stars like Hogan. T wasn’t poised to join the roster or hog the spotlight in title contention beyond his teamwork with Hogan and later feud with Piper. T also had undeniable charisma but wasn’t treated like a monster squasher.

Compare that to today’s Rousey, who just shows up to put all the women on notice as though nothing’s happened since WM 31. Let’s just pretend she never threw a pity party and right now is busy preparing for a match with a Gina Carano who never had the fight beat out of her by Cyborg.

I can’t get behind that. While a has-been fighter may be “good for business”, I doubt she’s good for the women’s division that’s struggled to move past gang warfare angles.

Has been…yeah ok.

So was Mike Tyson and look what his appearance did.

But whatever, your minds made up…you’ll use every reason to justify anything as a failure. Self fulfilling prophecy.

UFC ‘has-been’ Matt Riddle became a pro wrestler a few years back. Apart from occasionally double-booking himself, he’s a credit to the business and his appearances almost guarantee a good crowd. His matches are phenomenal for a guy so new to the game. He just gets it.

So I think Ronda will adapt to the WWE just fine. Give her a chance like we gave Matt Riddle a chance.

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I think the amount of negative reaction toward Ronda Rousey is both premature and unfair (even though I’m on record as not enjoying her Rumble appearance), but there is a confluence of factors here:

The core audience traditionally doesn’t like celebrities and, despite her full-time contract, Rousey is pretty much “just a celebrity” at present time. Still time to change that, obviously.

The audience also traditionally turns on “hot-shotting” people to the top. I know this is an inconsistent claim (live crowds love hotshotting, TV audiences don’t), but it’s still the way that some fans think.

Also, nobody wants to see Stephanie McMahon wrestle. And I think Triple H is soon to be joining that camp as well.

Little to none of this can actually be pinned on Rousey. Furthermore, I don’t believe that I’ve heard a legit argument against this from a business perspective. But, while it’s probably too soon to get pissy and indignant about things that haven’t actually played out on TV yet, I also don’t think you can blame fans for not being sold on the idea.