RASD 1/8/19: AEW Rally & News, Merchandise controversy, SmackDown review

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE SmackDown from Jacksonville, Florida.

The WWE’s build to the Royal Rumble continued with the #1 contender’s match between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Carmella, the SD tag title match is set for the pay-per-view, Daniel Bryan attacks consumerism, and lots more from the show.

We discuss TODAY’S TOP STORIES with all the news from the All Elite Wrestling rally in Jacksonville, appearances by Chris Jericho, PAC, Joey Janela and others that are working for the promotion, our thoughts on how the rally came off, what wasn’t announced and the date for “Double or Nothing” in Las Vegas.

Then, we are joined by Graham, a fan that attended both the AEW rally and SmackDown but was told to leave the building because of an AEW shirt he was wearing. Graham gives a detailed account of what happened, who he spoke with, where he was told the orders came off, and the video he shot of a security member apologizing later in the night.

Plus Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.


  • Wai Ting and John Pollock chat Being The Elite Ep. 133 “After Wrestle Kingdom”
  • A review of this past week’s episode of MLW Fusion with a recap of the angle with Konnan being stabbed, Pentagon Jr. vs. Teddy Hart, Tommy Dreamer’s promo, and more.
  • Pollock and Wai discuss the Priscilla Kelly clip that circulated everywhere last week from a recent Suburban Fight card in December. They discuss the reaction to the clip, what leads to a clip gaining that level of traction, the reaction from Kelly, the attention she has received and more.
  • Plus, Pollock shares his thoughts on the recent episode of WWE’s Revisited with Mick Foley reflecting on the 20th-anniversary of his first WWF title win.

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I work security and I’ve worked at buildings where a promoter has specific instructions like a night club saying no Jeans and Sneakers. I absolutely love the idea of 1 half of security staff being overzealous in finding AEW shirts and not letting the people in and the other door saying to hell with that

I reckon Rhonda will come out again during the Becky match and cost her the match, leaving her to appear later in the night as part of the Rumble.

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John forgot to mention that Britt Baker spoke at the AEW rally. I know a lot was going on yesterday, so it’s understandable.

This is likely. I hope WWE doesn’t overthink this and try to swerve us and books Becky to beat Asuka, Rhonda to lose to Sasha, and then Rhonda to win the Rumble later in the night. Part of me thinks that is an unlikely scenario that may happen just due to the unpredictability factor and an easy way to get Rhonda over to the Smackdown roster.

Baker is a great signing for them, very good speech at the rally.

Ooohhh Big Bad WWE turning away people who want to promote AEW. Big deal! It is absolutely within their rights to do that without us having the need for a discussion as to why they did it. Wow poor us fans! Gimme a break!..If the shoe were on the other foot and fans went to an AEW show and fans were there to promote WWE merch and have a rally, it would absolutely be within their right for AEW to prevent that from happening.

But no, let’s cheer for the underdog. Please! Gimme a break!

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It seems very convoluted but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Who are you even snarking at here? John and Wai (and Graham) conceded that WWE has a right to do this. And none of the comments above are refuting that point either. They were just reporting a news story, and doing their due diligence by getting a first-hand account (with proof that it actually happened).

Right, so what’s the problem here? Reporting a story that everyone admits WWE had the right to do? That’s not news. Getting a first-hand account with proof? Now that’s the juicy part! We’ll show that WWE are the evil empire and life long ‘poor me’ fans such as Graham gets nearly rejected entry.

Which brings me to my original point which was to portray how bad the evil empire are to the fans even though they were within their rights to do what they did.

Please find me the policy that stipulates the dress code when someone buys tickets and what logos and shirts are prohibited, how is a fan expected to know what they can and cannot wear to a show?

And for the record, WWE is denying this is the case, so the argument that “they have the right to do this” is a defense they are not using. Their stance is that no one wearing AEW merchandise is banned from events.

But, this obviously happened on Tuesday night until the policy was abandoned and they began letting people in with their AEW shirts on.


Baseball stadiums like the Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox have policies that he fans behind the plate and dugouts not being able to wear other teams jerseys.

Oh look…hockey too https://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2015/06/01/fans-upset-some-teams-not-allowing-them-to-wear-opponents-colours-at-home-games.html

The interview with the guy being turned away was a waste of time. The story was reported on, and this didn’t warrant that much more time.