RASD 11/29/19: “Got a Devil’s Haircut In My Mind”

Dude… please.

Out of curiosity if a doctor accepts Honorariam from a drug company and the gives a talk advocating the virtues of that drug to other health care practitioners do you have an issue with that ? Maybe the drug is wonderful. But does them receiving money from the company maybe give you pause?

Interesting that John and Wai were so thrown by 36 people at Thanksgiving dinner. Our family routinely has that, and I’m sure plenty of other American families do. My father is 1 of 6 children. Throw in spouses and my generation + spouses, and our kids and we get over 40 people. So I’m sure many in attendance can relate to that, especially if they are going to lean into Lacey as the “American” woman and mother.

So a reporter can cover a college basketball team in Idaho and get press credentials, but if that team makes the Final Four or goes to the Maui Invitational, then fuck him, he has to buy his own tickets?

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It’s pretty simple - WWE has never been media friendly since way back in the kayfabe days. AEW has been much more media friendly and it’s smart to help them get more coverage and exposure.

Meltzer going on the cruise is no big deal - he’s covering the industry. Reporters who cover the president follow him around all the time, same with sports teams. I think they’re doing a Dynamite show on the cruise so why not go?

And Smackdown sucked BAD. Terrible show.