RASD 3/12/19: Kofi’s Choice, Tanning with Dixie Carter, Shane-Miz set for Mania


Booking…just blame booking…it’s the easiest crutch to lean on.

We also seem to forget about other races that have had champions pushed in a mainevent capacity in this company by Vince McMahon and seem to think there’s only one group of minority that needs representation.

Someone tell me besides Jack and Jerry Brisco have there ever been a Native American who wasn’t feathers and war paint used in top spots in this business?


Alberto El Patron is printing money now isn’t he?

Let’s blame booking for that too…


I think there’s a difference between ticking off boxes & actually investing the time & effort into properly promoting a character. In terms of raw numbers (there’s a pun in there somewhere…) the roster is probably as diverse as it’s ever been. But when you actually break it down and say, who is the company selling us as top guys/girls, it gets a bit monochromatic.

Outside of TND, Rey, Roman, & Seth (who I thought was Hispanic, but I guess he’s Middle Eastern, but either way his character is portrayed as a freakin’ White dude…Lol!), I can’t think of many more POCs that are positioned as franchise players, despite having main event-level talent. Not that there needs to be a “quota” or a defined number of top spots set aside for non-Caucasian performers…But when you can screw up Lashley’s return (which was to use a popular phrase, a license to print money), or pigeon-hole TND into a strictly comedic role for so long (their comedy’s good…But they’re capable of so much more), or drop the ball with Asuka/Nak on the main roster…Something’s a bit off in either the writing room or the board room, IMO.

Can’t lie…I popped.

My bad, fam. I was being insensitive. Hey, let’s look on the bright-side. My Anglo-American brothers still have the NHL, the PBA tour, the World Series Of Poker, that E-Sports drone racing thing that comes on ESPN 8 (“The Ocho”) at 2am, & the America’s Cup (is that still a thing)? #RegattaMania :rofl::v::100:


Sami has Arabic(I think, idk tbh) lettering on his gear…playing a freakin white guy alright.

And according to a certain somebody…everybody is a victim of terrible booking.

Booking needs to become a visible character…being blamed for everything here.


So if Sami’s not Muhammad Hassan, he’s “playing a white guy”?


Lol! When you think about it. Booking/Creative do kind of have their on-screen avatars.

“Good Booking/Progressive Writing” is often attributed to your mans Triple Haitch. While “Bad Booking/Antiquated Ideas” tend to get pinned on VKM.

Obviously it’s not that cut & dry, but there’s a bit of validity to that line of thinking. For all of his greatness, Vince’s sense of humor & his sensibility permeates the writing. Lashley to me is one of the biggest examples. You have a legit athlete on the card who you could’ve built up to a big money match w/Lesnar, but instead you write the dumb stuff about his sisters & have this dude presenting his butt to the audience. Complete waste of the viewer’s time & Vince’s money.

My biggest hope for Smackdown on Fox is that Vince/Creative don’t forget the “Sports” component of “Sports Entertainment”. :100:


You listen to Kazeem Famuyide on his old podcast? Seems like the ass pose worked.

But (no pun intended) looks like that hasn’t been done in awhile.

Lashley’s 2018 was washed because unlike what they did with him in TNA, he wasn’t paired with a mouthpiece. Hopefully Lio Rush won’t be used for getting his heat back.


I know Lashley’s looking at the Stokley signing like NOW you want to hire managers??? Or they could’ve just brought in MVP. MVP vs. Heyman on the mic w/Bobby & Brock mean-mugging in the background would’ve been great sports entertainment television. :100:


Rather have Dan Lambert and Colby Covington with live mics against Heyman with Brock boucing in the background…mainly because I feel like Lesnar would not take kindly to Colby for my own sick pleasure.


Sounds like a Quebecois hipster to me.

They all not white.

People of all races are diverse…sorry to break it to you.


In a province of French, Italian, black, Muslim and metis who all speak the same language…sounds like a melting pot.

Maybe you should stop and sit the next couple of plays out.


Thinking ska music and skanking is a white thing is a million times “whiter” and amusingly undermines your sarcastic use of “cultural appropriation”.

Is your sole purpose on this forum to just display your ignorant opinions on race and related matters then devolve every thread into people being forced to tell you what type of person you are? You’d think after being banned already you’d at least try and be a bit different under your new username.


Ska is literally Jamaican music and an integral part of Jamaican culture. Most people know this which is why they don’t think of ska as a “white thing” just because it became popular with white Americans and Brits. It’s also preciously why ska fans from the two-tone era onward, including Zayn himself, wear black and white checkers…it’s to symbolise the unity of black and white people through ska. The whole point is it’s not a “white thing”.

Also, in the Google results which are obviously going to be biased in displaying American/British bands of recent eras…it still features a ton of black people, because of course it does. Because it’s ska!


Dude…when you have to explain the joke to people…it didn’t work.

Better luck next set.

And minus stars for breaking character. sendfortheman.gif


LMAO ok recent joiner with one post.

Alt much?