RASD 3/19/19: YES-O-S, Miz responds to Shane, Updated WM card

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John Pollock is joined by guest co-host and former WWE writer Brian Mann to review SmackDown Live from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The two review Tuesday’s show with Kofi Kingston running the gauntlet for a chance at the WWE title for WrestleMania, the United States title match for ‘Mania is announced, The Miz responds to Shane McMahon, The IIconics score a win over Bayley and Sasha Banks, a brawl erupts between Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair on The Kevin Owens Show.

NEWS OF THE DAY: The latest on the WrestleMania 35 card, Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin, Raw’s viewership from Monday night, Flip Gordon cleared to return & more.

Plus Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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    • John Pollock reviews the March 17th edition of Total Bellas “Women Take Center Stage” focusing on the WWE Evolution show and a Bella Pep Rally
    • Episode 143 of Being the Elite “AEW Comes to AAA” with The Young Bucks having their first match since January and winning the AAA tag titles, Cody gains superpowers, and Chris Jericho leaves more voicemails
    • Additional thoughts on this past week’s editions of Impact Wrestling, Road to Double or Nothing and MLW Fusion

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Kofi jumped the shark here IMO.

I already don’t like it when a singles star takes down a legit big name Tag Team…Kofi not only did this but he took down a returning Rowan, a top star in Joe and a top star in Orton. Both Joe and Orton have their own big WM matches as well.

What message does this send? Kofi is the best wrestler in the world.

John Cena at his prime ‘LOL Cena Wins era’ would struggle to put up a fight against Kofi. Daniel Bryan is a complete JOKE of a jobber relative to Kofi right now. Bryan is so below Kofi’s level in terms of credibility that this match can’t possibly be taken seriously.

Kofi isn’t an underdog after this last month of booking. Kofi is Braun Strowman at his prime when he was completely destroying the Raw roster and set and was made to look ridiculously strong. Daniel Bryan has no chance. This could be a 2 on 1 handicap match with Bryan and Rowan and they would still be massive underdogs against Kofi.

Bryan having no alternate opponent is also a MAJOR problem in this feud. It was super easy to just say the winner of the gauntlet gets the match instead. Since Kofi lost I guess Daniel Bryan is either going into the Andre The Giant Battle Royal or taking the night off. Cool.

Didn’t realize barely beating those guys with mostly roll ups and sheer intestinal fortitude is being dominant. :roll_eyes:

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