RASD 8/20/19: Twin Freaks, NXT to USA Network official

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown as Daniel Bryan promised to reveal the identity of Roman Reigns’ attacker.

The saga of Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker continued on Tuesday’s episode with the tease of a reveal. Plus, two more King of the Ring matches with Kevin Owens vs. Elias and Andrade vs. Apollo Crews, Charlotte Flair lays out a challenge to Bayley, a great television match involving Daniel Bryan and Buddy Murphy, and Kevin Owens seeks forgiveness from Shane McMahon throughout the show.


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Photos Courtesy: WWE

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In the opening banter involving bike rides Wai totally missed a “Hot Boy Summer” reference, but rebounded with “Living his best life”


Thank you for adding article links to the stories you’re discussing in the episode descriptions. It’s a small thing, but appreciated.

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It’s annoying that there are actually people not being able to follow the very obvious point of the ending to the show. The execution may not have been to everyone’s taste and I personally don’t like them ending on these segments but what they tried to convey should be easy to follow. It was Rowan but they’ve found this lookalike to pretend that blaming Rowan is a of mistaken identity. Instead of everyone realising this, I’m seeing people serious ask “why would WWE have the attacker being someone that no one knows?” And “what what his motivation?”.

I’m sure they’ll make it even more obvious next week but it is annoying when you realise how dumb some wrestling fans are.

I wish it was Luke Harper. That would have been a worth while reveal, reunite the Bludgeon Brothers, create monsters to protect chickenshit Daniel Bryan. And add another trios so we can eventually introduce the 3-man championship with groups like New Day, OC, Bludgeon Brothers, and 3MB

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I’m so tired of trios though. Every new group that forms, its like they arent allowed to have more than 3 guys.

It honestly took me a few minutes to realize it wasn’t Harper. :rofl::100:

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