RASD 9/24/19: Goodbye USA, Impact Wrestling on Tuesdays

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review the final edition of WWE SmackDown on Tuesdays as Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens attempted to settle their lawsuit out of court.

The final Tuesday night edition of SmackDown saw Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens set up one final match with a major stipulation, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan come together for a match against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at Hell in a Cell, Chad Gable remains short, Shinsuke Nakamura took on Ali in a non-title match, a sit-down interview with Kofi Kingston to discuss the match with Brock Lesnar, and a farewell to the USA Network.


  • Impact Wrestling moving to Tuesday nights on AXS TV
  • Raw’s viewership is the fifth-lowest of 2019
  • Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Minoru Suzuki at King of Pro Wrestling along with entire card
  • New Japan’s lineups for the Fighting Spirit Unleashed tour this weekend
  • Sportsnet 360 adds an edited version of NXT for a Friday night block of WWE programming

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: WWE

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They could have explained the Bailey/Carmella relationship much better with videos or a promo from Carmella. The moment where Bailey is looking down on Carmella and pounds her, elicited zero reaction from the crowd. I think it could have been a great heat spot for Bailey.

My only hope for Kairi (and maybe Asuka but it may be too late for her) is that she gets sent back to NXT. Keep her off TV for a while (which is hardly different than now), have Io win the women’s title in NXT then have Kairi return to face her former friend.

After that shit axe kick…kairi sane needs to be off tv more and work on her aim.

But she was in Japan stiffing the fuck out of other women who were barely working…so she’s somehow amazing and being squandered, even if we haven’t seen any of thatsupposed talent yet.

We did see it on NXT and the Mae Young Classic. I think she was called up too soon if only because they had no plan for her other than this tag team which they apparently had no plans for, but let’s not pretend that the main roster has any clue how to use foreign talent.

Against Shayna Baszler…go figure.

And Bianca, and in tag action against the “horse women”. She is much better than what she gets on the main roster. Just like Asuka, Shinsuke, Rusev, Cesaro, etc. I’m not saying she should be women’s champion, but she could be better used than in an Asian stereotype tag team in a dead division on the “main roster” if she was put back in NXT where her language skills are less important and she has been used better, has at least one built in feud and would largely face other good workers more regularly. She has no spot on the main roster unless they are actually going to build the women’s tag division (which given the men’s divisions seems unlikely) and even then in her current role with Asuka they are likely never going to get a long run (if they even get one) with the title instead they will be just there to put over other teams, and wrestle matches on house shows.

All that said WWE is generally bad at booking their women’s division and the whole thing is devoid of good challengers for their top acts.

That Randy Newman song was used in wrestling earlier this year. Scott Steiner had it played when he faced Swoggle at the AIW show over WrestleMania Weekend.

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They pitched the team and name…Asian stereotype lol.

NXT women’s division isn’t exactly a beacon of hope as it’s just as dead as the tag division…almost like the women’s tag division needs teams in it? Maybe? No? Alright…kill the division.

Some Joshi broads need to be pushed to the moon because someone online said so.

Never see me complaining about Mandy rose hardly used on TV.

I think it’s undeniable that Sane (and a handful of others…We see you ECIII) would’ve been better served on NXT, especially with the expanded timeslot. Sane vs. heel Shirai could have been a stellar program.

The main roster’s issue is they have an abundance of time & talent, but they seem to lack the ability to tell interesting stories w/their undercard (24/7 being one of the few exceptions). :100:


NXT women’s division is far better than any tag division in WWE.

Women’s tag division does need teams in it but if they are going to treat it like they are yeah kill the division. I had no issue with the idea of the division or the original team-up of Asuka and Kairi (though Kairi and Io made more sense to me, and had better chemistry as a team). But they teamed them up and then did nothing much with them, took the iconics off after their loss, split up the Riot squad…so they have no teams.

Even then they put the belts on Bliss and Cross (which I had no issue with) and had them beat every other tag team on the roster in about 3 weeks, leaving them with no real deserving competition.

Also not having Mandy on TV lol ok sure

Mandy on TV this week 9/24
On Clash of Champions 9/15
On Smackdown on 9/10, 9/3,8/19, 8/5, 7/16,7/2.

She wasn’t on in June but was on 5 times in May (Smackdown and PPV)

So she has been on at least twice a month since the beginning of July and had a larger push earlier in the year.

On TV 8 times since June

Kairi since call up has appeared 5 times total.
Including not being on for all of June immediately after being called up May 14th she did not appear on TV again until July 16th so debut then 2 months off TV.

So yeah Ok Mandy is totally not on TV and in a similar situation. So I never see you complaining about her being off TV because she rarely ever is…
Outside Rhonda and the 4 horse women Mandy is probably the most featured woman’s talent in the last year.

Mandy Rose should be the goddamn champion…but you rarely see me vent.

And NXT women’s division is “who faces Shayna Baszler now?”.

And maybe other women would actually get elevated and used on TV more if the fucking horsewomen can fuck off for awhile…been monopolizing the entire division for what? 4 years? Ronda Rousey was a breath of fresh air.

Mandy Rose should be champion :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Dude she is awful, she is getting better but champion? Why because she’s hot? Do we need every feud with the promo “You’ll never look like me…”. Or we can go with the Naomi angle…

But way to move goal posts

“You don’t see me complain about her not being on TV.”

proven wrong
“Well she should be the champ.”

I agree in the over use of the 4 horsewomen, between them and Ronda they buried the rest of the division.

Why shouldn’t a division largely revolve around deciding who is going to face the champion? That is what people are meant to be fighting for. I’d love to seen more main roster storylines around deciding who is going to get a title shot rather than “Braun looks at the belt.” But Candice vs IO feud is as good or better than any undercard main roster women’s feud. Matches are better worked than most main roster matches.

Mandy Rose throws better knees than Kenny Omega.

Don’t use her beauty against her…it only shows how terrible the rest of the roster is.

Rarely vent was my exact words…but thanks for trying to create your own context…further shows the narrative here.

LOL Ok c’mon. I defend you a lot when people bitch about you in the Patreon section, but now you’re being ridiculous. That is one of the dumbest things you’ve ever said.

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Not making things up you said the above verbatim about her hardly being used. Evidence disproves the above you shift to rarely venting that she isn’t the champ.

He knee is nice but one move doesn’t a good wrestler make. Then again you love Roman and he has like most WWE top talent in recent history 5 moves. I mean by the “her knee is great argument.” Kairi has a great elbow drop guess she should be champ too…

I’m not using her beauty against her, I’m discounting it as a reason to push her has a top performer. That and her knee are the only things she has going for her. Her promo skills are meh at best and her in ring skills aren’t top tier. So she has a good look (though somewhat generic honestly as far as a WWE woman) and one good move. But she appears on TV more often than not since her debut, has been on multiple PPV, including a women’s title match. But you want credit for not complaining about her not getting well utilized? Lol…ok.

Mandy Rose can’t work or talk. She’s there for looks, that’s it.

Really, she should be a valet.

I wouldn’t say she can’t work, I’d say she’s average in the ring.

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Nice to see I’m so popular with the patreon section.

You actually showed how many times she’s been used this year in such a short sentence…proves how infrequent she is used on TV.

Someone with as much crossover appeal as her should be used more often than any so called “good worker”. those are a dime a dozen…it doesn’t take much talent to spam false finishes for a “this is awesome” chant…

Everyone should be a valet if that’s the case for the women.

Ummm… I only went back to June, she was used 16 times through the end of May in 22 weeks. That is quite a lot of use and more than most women. Again just because you want her on every episode of WWE does not make her under used by any stretch. Sorry you have no argument of any validity about her being under used, other than “she isn’t champion.”

I also don’t see the crossover appeal, she isn’t appealing to women, or children, can’t act…what is her cross over modeling in body building magazines and men’s magazines? If we are looking at cross over appeal Becky makes her look like a chump.

IMO she doesn’t even have the cross over appeal of her own tag partner.