RASD 9/24/19: Goodbye USA, Impact Wrestling on Tuesdays

Isn’tnt appealing to women? Most of her followers are women…lol

On what platform, on Instagram they appear to be about 80% men. On Facebook almost all of her top fans are men. Scanning Twitter most still look like men. So where are you getting actual numbers that suggest most of her followers are women?

But everyone on the roster is a 7/10 in everything at least because everything that WWE has ever produced is at least 7/10 quality, usually much higher.

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Took me awhile to remember what you were talking about…look at who can’t get past an old dead joke…good for you

Shocking. You seem super intelligent

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Eidetic memory only works when you actually give a shit about something.

False, it requires very little exposure for full recall with an eidetic memory

Google is your friend obviously.

Now Google “how to detect a jokey insult”.

Certainly the answer isn’t lie to make yourself seem smart…seems like everyone else could remember what he was talking about from a post you made in the last month. You never seem to recall the stuff you post though so maybe you have the opposite of an eidetic memory.