RASD Headaches

It really annoys me that the only way you can listen to the Smackdown review is by getting on zoom.
It’s why I became a Patreon follower,
They have lost my Patreon as the normal audio has been taken down, very sad,damn, it’s a bad decision.

If you have an issue, why don’t you PM John or Wai opposed to creating a thread? This is a pretty rude way to air your grievance. Not to mention, you know you can download RAS from your Patreon account, right?

You can’t download from your Patreon. I’ve scoured the site. Don’t get me wrong, very annoyed, but huge fan and love Wai in general.
Just head.wrecked on this matter. Aidan.

I see it on Patreon now, it must be added a few days later??

I believe it goes up on the Patreon feed shortly after it is recorded and edited, not a couple days later.

I experienced similar frustrations when I was first trying to navigate the Patreon stuff because I’m not someone who normally really uses Patreon, so I’ll give you a tip. If you hold your thumb down on the text that reads “RASD_112020.mp3” or whatever it will highlight and you can click “Download Linked File” to either your PC or iPhone while on wifi (not sure about android sorry) and listen to it that way without having to stream and use data.

Also, Patreon is kind of annoying sometimes and will log you out of your account randomly. So if you’re trying to access a podcast but things are all locked out just double check that you weren’t unknowingly logged out of your account.

I don’t know if you guys have found better solutions for these issues than I have but those are my suggestions.

When you were a Patreon member did you add the Patreon feed to your podcast app?

I’ve never had an issue with the Patreon podcasts showing up. RASD is always in my app (Overcast) on Saturday morning.

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I did yes. I’m on Apple Postcasts. Works a treat

So you added the Patreon feed and only RASD is missing?

The show goes up to the Patreon feed immediately after we record as it always has. We’ve just started to let people in to our live recording sessions on Zoom (as a replacement to live streaming on YT). There’s no other difference to how we’ve always done it.

Hope you solve the issue on your end (happy to help) and edit your original post to not misinform others.


Just wanted to clarify in case anyone thought this was the only option:

The optimal way of downloading the shows is to add the custom RSS feed to your podcast app of choice so they download automatically (like any other free podcast you subscribe to), not listening through Patreon.com or the Patreon app.

As always, I’m your personal tech support for these issues whenever I can be, so just message me or post here or whatever.


Thank you very?
I encounter this sporadically on Patreon
It’s primarily RASD, next time I’ll highlight .
I’m sure it’s on my side. I’m generally an idiot!”
Apologies Wai for initial header and apologies for taking your time sir.


You maybe an idiot but you are our idiot

Thank you. I like that!!!