RASD not on Spotify

I was checking the Post wrestling Spotify page for yesterday’s RASD before I went to work and it wasn’t up, I checked again once I left work and it still wasn’t up, however I still saw it posted on the other apps and on the website. I was curious if this was only a me issue or if there was problem getting the episode up on John and Wai’s side.

The last 2 shows aren’t up on Google Play either.

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Unlike Apple and other podcast directories, Spotify and Google Play make copies of our shows before uploading onto their own servers. This is why they’ll always take longer and why sometimes there will be issues with their automatic processing that’ll be out of our control.

Both have been contacted, but they’re pretty big companies so there will be a wait.

Til then, I recommending listening off of the website or any of these other options that aren’t Spotify or Google: