RAW 25th Anniversary

So, is this the show the WWE welcomes Hulk Hogan back or do they save that for Wrestlemania?

Leave the old man in the moth balls a little longer.

Seriously what’s to gain, at this point. Him and his kayfabe penis.

Agreed. Other than selling a few shirts, how much value does Hogan really bring to WWE? I grew up in the Hogan hey-day and I don’t feel a need to see him on TV at all.

I’m over it… WWE wants to do it at some point for some kind of hero redemption story. Fine, but it’s not the right time.

He’s still filing lawsuits over the tape and they just had Gawker documentary.

Time isn’t right yet. It’s hard for people to forgive and forget past transgressions when you won’t go away.

He needs a solid year completely out of the public eye and his ego just won’t let it happen.

That being said, next year feels better than this year.

Hogan’s return to WWE would bring a minimal or no positive gain outside of a bump in merch sales for those that lived through his heydays in the 80s and 90s. The sight of Hogan would dredge up all of the negative stories in the past few years, and give WWE a second-hand black eye for bringing him back after nearly wiping his existence from their history books completely.

Hogan was a bigger factor for the success of Monday Nitro, as he’s had been part of only eight matches ever on Raw with his first in 2002.

I don’t need to see Hogan anymore on WWE TV. I don’t see what he would add and the negative press is probably not something they want to bother dealing with. He’s had very little to do with RAW so he definitely won’t be missed.

Like Jimmy hart said in the past, it’s not a matter of If but when Hogan’s comes back and right now the balls is in Hogan’s court if he wants to comeback or not. WWE seem to want him back in some shape of form because they know he’S still would get a huge ovation when he comes back but Hogan really doesn’t need the money anymore and seem to be quite happy staying in florida and doing promotions for his beach club. So if he’s happy being retired and doing his thing in florida, why bother him right now, let him come to you instead of the other way around or just use him for a one off at mania or something.

Hogan is some trash. Straight doo doo. He is dead to me. If he comes back, the fans need to let him have it!

Wow so much hate for Hogan!
Long live hulkamania brother

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I don’ have hate for Hogan, he was a big part of my childhood. I just don’t see he value in him as an on screen character in 2018.

How long before the fans these days even really care for him anymore? He’s not a part of the opening WWE montage, and a lot of fans these days never saw him wrestle in his hey day.

I’ve always been a Hogan mark, but other than the “Rah rah red, white and blue, eat your vitamins and say your prayers” he really can’t do much. I’d love to see him come in to save someone, but he probably can’t do that these days. That’s what Austin is for.

That being said, I would still pop for “Real American” blasting.

Man forget all that. I admit I was a card carrying Hulkamaniac growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. However, the more i learned about who that guy really is and all he is really about–I didn’t want to believe any of it. Hell, when i think of all the money I shelled out over my life on Hogan crap. I only want to see him if he has a check with my refund. Otherwise, he needs to go live out the last decade or two he has left in obscurity, with his old prune faced self. No need to further taint what little good memory there is left of him.

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He lied about his 24" python.

My question is why bring him back here? This seems like a big deal for Raw and I’ve never seen Hogan as a Raw guy. He was on Nitro for the bulk of the 90’s, was rarely on Raw when it first came on and when he came back in 2002 he quickly moved over to Smackdown. I know this is just an excuse to bring back legends really but still.

Forget Hogan…Jericho is announced!!! WTF?!

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I can’t see Hogan being welcomed back just yet, especially with all of the racial tension happening in America right now.

That said, they still list Donald Trump in the Hall of Fame on their website, so I have to wonder what level they allow racists to remain in the Hall of Fame if Hulk is still not listed… perhaps they give a “by ball” if you are the president.

For the 25th anniversary show I’d love to see some people wreck the celebration and get themselves over. Similar to Jericho beating up Steamboat and Piper from years back, albeit with some new blood.