Raw 6-3-19 Discussion Thread

Starting this with little hope people are watching live but I just listened to ashamed McMahon cut a promo that was at times something a high schooler would cut high in the backyard.

After 2 weeks of talk about promos we get Shane - nepotism - starting the show while Roman stands there like a goof.

And the announcers blatantly having no idea how to explain the Brock cash in…what is going on? How does it get worse. It’s kind of so bad it’s fun to watch.

So the hook of Lesnar cashing in actually kept me tuned in tonight even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen. But there was still that stupid part of my brain that says “but what if he does cash in?” Do you think this leads to a swerve where Brock cashes in on Kofi instead?

I’m not watching RAW for the first time in so long and it’s great.

Watching the Stanley Cup finals instead and our homeboy, Jeff Marek instead.

I was watching, nothing really inspired me and found it dragging along. Then when I saw an arm wrestling contest, I turned the channel to watch anything else.

Is the show as shitty as I think it is? I can’t even tell anymore.