RAW After WrestleMania 35 Live Thread

they were promoting the smackdown celebration of kofi so there was def gonna be a non finish but they could’ve at least brought in a callup or returning team

Pretty dissatisfying show seeing as this was the night after Mania. You compare this to the show they did the night after met life stadium 5 years ago in 2013 they’re complete polar opposites.


But it’s okay, because that means Kofi still the WWE champ for a (waitforit)…

New Day!?


I thought they had something big up their sleeve if they were willing to promote and non-deliver on the winner take all match. Stupid, stupid


with the superstar shake up next week what particular stars should smackdown get and which stars should raw get the last one it seem didnt turn out to well for both rosters do you think they will get it right this second time around maybe pull some from nxt

Winner take all ending was predictable, I knew someone would interrupt, no way were they taking the belt off one of these guys that fast. Show was so-so.

Things I liked
Rollins promo + new day
Lacey Evans actually doing something- I think her character is a good choice for a short feud with Becky.

Meh stuff
Zayn returning, glad he is back not sure on his character
Lars sullivan - why beat up Angle, great he is a monster, but beating up a legend doesn’t make you look strong. He also needs better ring gear.
Bliss coming back- glad she is back but that match was not good.
Tag Title match

Bad stuff
Lanshley v Dean - why? Unless he is sticking around this felt like the start of a feud not the end of a career
Ending to the winner take all. Why the Bar? They seem to be in the role of corporate stooges of the year. Just doesn’t seem like it leads anywhere just makes sure no one needed to lose.

The Raw roster needs some beefing up my 1st two picks are AJ Styles the Uso’s.


Hard to tell with all the champs other than the US title being on faces. Maybe Daniel Bryan to Raw to feud with Rollins? I Think AJ to Raw would be a good move as well. With the tease of the winner take all match, I think they need that with the Tag belts, the tag division is super thin especially on RAW. If you look at who has had that belt over the last year it is depressing minus maybe the short run that Seth and Dean had or maybe Drew and Dolph

true but but smackdown didn’t look so great ether how do you balance it

Drew McIntyre will get put on smackdown I think.

If it was up to me I’d bring up the undisputed era definitely they are more than ready to start on the main roster 4 incredibly talented performers.

I’d probably split up ricochet and aliester black & have them on opposite shows.

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