Raw Discussion 10-22-18

An absolute bummer, that sucks. Get well Roman


Shame to hear about Roman, give the belt to another Joe who happens to be Samoan.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of both sports. But I’ve been flipping back-and-forth between Raw and MNF, trying to find something interesting to happen.:joy::joy:. With all due respect, I hope Roman gets through this quick and thoroughly.

I am a diehard Giants fan so I have been watching mostly wrestling for obvious reasons. This team is shit.

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It’s a shame that Roman’s best promo, and the most over he’s ever been with a crowd, is on this night. I wish him a full recovery, not to see him make a triumphant return, but first and for most, to be there for his family.

I do feel for him even though I’ve never been a fan. I was hoping that was Vince’s latest idea to finally have the crowd cheering for Roman. It’s not an idea, it’s real and when he does come back, not only is he going to receive a huge pop but it is going to be organic. Maybe a lesson for Vince : real life conveys more emotions and feelings than surreal scripts and storylines.