Raw in Glasgow changed to house show

Absolutely gutted at this, just received an email saying that the event at the SSE in Glasgow was no longer being televised. Says same talent will still be there but I don’t see why whilst Monday night raw still has to be filmed somewhere.

I paid an awful lot of money for a good seat and was really looking forward to this, would have been my first wwe live show besides an nxt U.K. taping earlier this year, when I booked it was close to a sell out too so I feel really let down by this.

Will probably seek a refund, but don’t know if that’s just my disappointment talking. Feels like a lot of money for a house show which at this point seems there will be very few stars on the card.

That’s a bummer that you paid TV taping prices for a house show. You are totally in the right to seek a refund, but you may want to consider still going. Sometimes the most fun shows to go to are house shows as there is more direct interaction between fans and wrestlers, and there are also less lulls from the commercial breaks. The disadvantage is you may get the C-Team roster since this falls on a Monday night.

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So where will Raw be filmed!? Will they leave Glasgow with the B Team, No Way Jose and Zak Ryder and sent everyone else back to America instead?

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House shows are often better than RAW. Consider it an upgrade


Yeh, I’ve heard that house shows are often better than tv tapings. Cheers.

Its just that I did pay a far larger price than I would have for a house show, to get a good seat in order to experience a tv taping of the main roster as being from Scotland, there are few opportunities. Thinking I’ll still go, already took the night off work and booked a hotel.

I thought it was odd that they cancelled shows so early on for scheduling reasons. Originally I thought it was due to poor ticket sales but then realised it was too early for that.

I then thought that Fox were having second thoughts about having SmackDown on Friday nights and we’re moving it back to Tuesdays but then I saw the report from John Pollock saying that it maybe clashing with the Saudi shows. That makes more sense but you would have thought that The Saudi Show would have already been scheduled

Gutted about this as well, I’ve noticed Manchester is still due to have smackdown live on the Friday. I’m definitely getting my money back, as I’ve paid for that and ICW the week before.

John hit the nail on the head during review a smackdown. TV in Scotland is so rare this is really a kick in the nuts

I’ve got a refund, but will probably still go with a cheaper ticket, It’s a double taping in Manchester now raw and smackdown being taped on the same night.

Might be tempted to go to Manchester now. Has the double taping been confirmed ?

Yeh, thought about it too but now grudging giving anymore cash to wwe.