Raw in Winnipeg

I’m not sure where I’m suppose to post feedback, or if I’m even allowed to since I’m not patreon member (yet), but figured I’d write something in here. Right from the start the crowd was hot, I guess that’s what’s happens when you don’t get raw for 15 years. Watching it live never felt like a drag like it does watching it on tv, it was a solid show and never get boring. It must have been pretty close to a sellout, a few notes:

  • crowd tried to get a Y2J chant going, it died quick
  • having Aleister Black limp around in backstage but still feel the need to get into his coffin for his entrench was a little silly
  • the dark match was Rollins vs Drew, Which Drew won with the Claymore countdown. I give the show a solid 8/10 and hope they don’t wait too long to come back.