Raw Live Thoughts 1-14-19

NOT The feedback thread

That event in November was called WWE World Cup

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I guess Braun isn’t cleared

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what event in November? As far as WWE is concerned that show never happened

That tag match with simultaneous backstage interviews was WCW levels of too much going on

I didn’t realize that the rock, stone cold, and Brock left WWE in 1999. I must not be properly educated on WWE history

All the new people will appear on both shows according to Cole, interesting strategy

I see Finn taking the spot.

They knew that fans where tired of seeing those damn coming soon video so they decided to have the NXT call up stand backstage instead. Way to help the talent get over. At less Nikki got to wrestled

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It just hit me
You ever play Backyard Sports as a kid? You know the one with Pablo Sanchez
There were these two kids on the announce desk. Well Renee Young sounds EXACTLY like what one of them would sound like if Backyard Wrestling was a kids video game in the early 2000s

I can’t wait to see glass. Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies. Michael Cole is making me want to boycott the film. And ill never eat sugar crisp again.


This is my first time watching RAW since a couple weeks before the greatest royal rumble. Just been living off your guys reporting and perspective of monday and tuesday nights. Only watched a handful of NXT. Never watched the NXT UK but after watching UK Takeover i don’t think i will miss it ever again.
As for tonight it has been good. Not a grand event. Three way was better then expected and great finish and pop for Bobby.
Womens belts are ok. Moment of bliss segment was not.
Really enjoyed the four way dance that ended the show and nice of John to do what he did

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The women’s tag belts are pretty nice. At least they’re not big ol pennies