RAW Live Thoughts 1-21-19

Not the feedback thread

I enjoyed that opening segment, Finn made me believe

If you believe some of the news involving removing Braun from the match because

  1. Brock will be champion at Mania
  2. Vince didn’t want to beat Braun again and didn’t want a screwjob finish at the Rumble
    It made sense Braun didn’t get pinned there

I thought Apollo’s character came out in that pose down. I’ve been waiting for Crews to have a purpose and enjoyed the contrast of super serious Lashley and super fun Crews

I never realized until seeing that video package.

EC3 has some terrible teeth.

So who think that the revival wins the title when they get their rematch

Heavy Machinery is my new guilty pleasure. I can watch the “Tremors” all day!

I have a feeling that Otis is going to get too over for Vince’s liking and Vince will bury him eventually because he looks really weird.

Vince loves funny fat guys…and he now has an over move. He could be a good lower midcard act with one over move for atleast 5 years.

Scott 2 Hotty and Santino are classic examples. Hell, Hacksaw been milking his shtick for 30 years.

I feel like Otis is going to have a good run in the company as a lower card comedy act. Tucker…not so much.