Raw Live Thoughts 7-8-19

Not the Feedback Thread

If this is an elimination match and Becky pins Vega aren’t they BOTH eliminated?

I’m not a fan of intergender matches and I’m also not a fan of Women attacking men without the man defending himself. Not saying strike a woman but you are sending a bad message if you think a woman can hit you and a man isn’t supposed to defend himself

Haven’t started Raw yet but by the OP…I’m laughing thinking, boy that was a short lived good week of WWE TV

Welcome back Rey, here’s your spot in the midcard

The wwe rational of having no wrestling during the break is really starting to hurt the product as bad as the wild card. They’re looking for any excuse to get these matches into two segments.

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I love the 24/7 segments every week. I look forward for these and are what keep me engaged during the show.

Seriously. The first segment is ultimate tune out factor and it’s not good for USA that I’ll fast fwd right to segment two. It’s made Raw very quick to watch though if you bail on the first meaningless portion of a match

Long time follower through reports, but not watching closely.

Time to go back to sleep?

Atrocious show.

The wrestling on the show is now completely skippable because everything is 2/3 falls or whatever.

The whole Cedric thing made absolutely no sense and both he and Roman looked like fucking morons. Why make the guy lose after all that? Just a complete burial. And how were people supposed to even pop for the reveal? They’ve done nothing with him besides have him chase around R-Truth like a kid playing tag at recess.

I also love how Lashley just comes back with not even a scratch on him, just awesome. And whats the point of even having Rey around if he’s used this way?

Who’s worse on the mic - Ricochet or Bayley? It’s unbelievable how bad Bayley is after all this time on the main roster, and that match with Logan was fucking terrible.

And they ruined the Street Profits after one week. So they’re called up to be hype men for the network and use all the incredibly lame and forced nicknames for guys? Awful.

But hey, other than that it was a great show :nauseated_face: