Raw Live Thread 1-7-19


If she was in New Japan, you’d have no problem with it. :smile:


he nailed it right on the head as i feel the same way with a lot of what your friend wrote.

My problem with sullivan and the rest of the call up is that they shows the same video over and over again and it does them a disservice because it’s so repetitive that you just want them to debut already just so those vignettes stop airing.

Also he not wrong about cena being the best promo and his time in hollywood made him a even better promo because now he thinks on the fly and sometimes improv some line just to try and mess with the other guy. Just look at last night promo, When mcintyre said his line about cena’S hair, Cena try to insert a joke in there to try and screw with mcintyre promo’s and to his credit, Mcintyre didn’T flinch and continue his promo.