Raw Live Thread 3-11-19

Not the feedback thread

Loved the opening promo Seth going into Lesnar’s struggles against smaller men, loved even more Heyman countering with he had “5,7,& 12 days short Notice”

You’d think Graves or Cole would explain Shelton’s history with Brock at Minnesota and OVW*

  • Edit I’ll give them credit for the announcers not knowing and Heyman bringing up the history

You should only give them credit if this was an on the fly change. High paid announcers with a script in their hand and Vince in their ear should be able to bring that up at the very least.

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Shelton Benjamin’s new theme is terrible and if that a CFO$ joint than they need to apologize for not even trying!


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B Detroit

I was really looking forward too this raw, I thought we would get some more mania matches announced or at least set up. I was wrong, instead I get neon hair Jose , Dana brook, an Braun destroying yet another car…to complete silence, But hey I liked Seth, an Ronda’s promos, an Why the hell did fin drop the belt!? This raw like my feedback , was all over the place so far. 9oclock seemed like two hours. So I think I’m done after this triple h segment. 4 out of 10 rating for me

(Side note) leave it up too chase Owens too ruin my brackets, now I’m pushing for Yano