Raw POST Show / POST Raw

My dudes, was “Raw POST Show” / “SmackDown POST Show,” or “POST Raw” / “POST SmackDown” not thrown around as names for the podcasts? This is not only obvious flow, but it establishes a new identity for the shows.

I’m a John & Wai lifer so I suggest this with the best intentions. Admittedly, I have not subscribed to the patreon yet. But I was happy to hear Wai say that money doesn’t actually come out for a bit, so I plan on subscribing by the time it does😊 Keep up the good work guys, love what I’m seeing and hearing so far! Also, any talk about potential merch yet, i.e t-shirts?

It was absolutely considered and part of the reason why I love our new name so much. However, we really wanted to keep the songs, and “POST Raw Review” just wouldn’t really fit in those lyrics.

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Yeah it doesn’t exactly sound musical. Thanks for the reply though Wai, hello from New York brother!

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